Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Nice Christmas Conversation

Having a conversation with other people is a really strange and complicated thing humans do. I wonder why we humans invented the idea of conversation? Then I started thinking about how people get lonely and maybe the loneliness is an instinctual response because the humans who did not get lonely and need to talk to people died out a zillion years ago or something.

Well anyway dear blog readers last night started out weird. (not related to the picture you see - that will come later) I ran into a weird person who did not speak well. I don't mind that because I don't expect everyone to speak English well, but he just blurted out his fantasy demands (I will leave that part to your imagination) and as though his world was just a carnal ejaculation with no awareness of the subtleties of human nuance. In other words - "what a sleaze bag".

Then I met up with Derren Nexen and had a very good conversation. I took a picture and there it is. As you can see there were these red pose balls that made it look like we had just finished playing soccer (or football as they say in England) and we have the balls on our arms.

The conversation was filled with all sorts of cool idea path ways and pleasant avenues of our mental gardens. I guess only humans have conversations, although I think birds talk to each other too sometimes. But I think birds don't really get into talking that much although I don't know since I'm not a bird. Sometimes when it is cold birds will all sit on the telephone wire. They sit and sit and they are actually listening to our telephone conversations through their feet. They sometimes turn to the bird on their side and say in bird talk "get a load of that crazy person talking on the phone" and laugh in their bird laugh sound. Well frankly I don't care that birds are laughing at me.

Well I hope everyone is having a good Christmas holiday even if you don't celebrate it. Just don't let some evil merchant make you feel guilty for not buying a boat load of stuff you shouldn't be wasting your money on in the first place. Thank you for reading.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Buy, Sell, Eat

Once upon a time (all great stories start that way) there were a bunch of mice that lived in a nice cage owned by evil scientists. They were very happy mice, they just laid around all day, sometimes getting water from the bottle with their little pink mouse tongues licking it out (lick, lick, lick) and running on the wheel (squeak, squeak, squeak - wheel needs some oil) and sleeping in a big pile of mouse bodies. When they sleep all their little bellies go up and down sucking in air and when you look at it looks like a fur ball vibrating. They looked just like that episode from the old Star Trek show where Captain Kirk was covered by tribbles.

Well everything was doing well in the mouse cage except the evil scientists were not happy unless they were conducting experiments. Evil scientists get agitated if they don't do experiments. So they decided to see what would happen if they added more mice to the cage. Well it started out OK except things started to get ugly. Instead of one or two mice licking the water bottle - a whole bunch of little tongues all competed for a lick. As to the wheel, well that was a mess. There were three mice on the wheel at once. Then when one mouse would get tired on the wheel the other two kept going and the tired mouse went round and round upside down. Then there were a bunch of other mice waiting in line for wheel time yelling "hey don't bogart that wheel!!" (these mice used a lot of American slang from underground comic books sometimes)

Well to make the whole story more interesting (or as some critics may say more ridiculous) there was another bunch of mice that the evil scientists wanted to experiment on. They gave them chocolate candy and let them sit around and watch TV all day. The mice liked to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons because it made the mice feel superior. Cats generally don't care for Tom and Jerry cartoons particularly because it shows cats in a bad light. In fact cats generally don't care for TV anyway, with the exception of Mr. Ed the talking horse re-runs and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. But I digress.

There really isn't much point to this whole story. I just thought it would be cool to make myself look real fat and take a picture of myself. Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to be in another body. There was an episode of the cartoon TV show The Jetsons  where the wife went to the beauty parlor and instead of getting a new hair style she just popped on a new head. At least I think that is what I remembered seeing. I think I must have to have my head examined for remembering something goofy like that. Well anyway I thing I am going to conclude this big mess by saying I think the lesson is that we should learn is not be mice in a cage, no matter if we are the mice in cage number one that is too crowded or the mice in cage number two that sit around watching TV and eating candy. Thank you all for reading and please be happy.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Finding Your Tribe

Please forgive me dear readers for not getting an SL picture for this post. I am trying to understand where I am in time. A long time ago we all knew what tribe we belonged to because you needed to be in a group since if you weren't in a group you would be eaten by wild saber toothed tigers. People in groups could figure out how to all get together to scare the saber toothed tigers away by waving their hands and yelling "whoop whoop whoop". When a bunch of people yell "whoop whoop whoop" saber toothed tigers are quite intimidated.

These days we are all spending our times finding our true tribes. I guess we like to find and build human relationships and stuff. But because we can build a tribe that exists all over the virtual world now it really makes things complicated but interesting.

I read a post by my friend Franz who sad that Henryk Gorecki had died. He was a great artist and I was sad to hear of his passing. There are so many people who have written music in the last century that are not heard much. I am going to put a link to Ciurlionis who was an artist in multiple mediums. I really like his paintings. I think his music reminds me of Gorecki in some ways.

I'm not a super smart "know-it-all" when it comes to music and art and stuff but my theory is that you don't conquer art, you instead just have an intimate relation with it. I guess that means you have to go (as the scarecrow said in the Wizard of Oz) both ways. Now I am really rambling.

Well I hope I find my tribe one day so I don't get eaten by a saber toothed tiger.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Dancing With A Ram

Rammy dancing with RamI haven't said much these days since I have been busy but I figured I better say something. I guess there is a lot to be said for saying nothing, but I want to be sure to say something so people know I that I have nothing to say.

I had a nice conversation dance Rian OHanlon. A conversation dance is when you dance but are having a conversation. I took a picture. The picture was kind of cool, a ram (Rian) dancing with me (Rammy). Oh well I digress.

Well I hope all friends are doing well. Thank you for reading this big nothing post.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Volcano Effect

Well dear readers I am not sure were I am going with this post. I guess I had a boat load of stuff that I wanted to put out so I decided I felt like a volcano about to erupt. So I guess this is the volcano effect.

I decided to be purple these days. I don't know why - but it sort of is nice to be just a little different. Then I had this really weird thought. What if someone tried to bully me since I was purple. Fortunately I have a magic avatar energy shield that will prevent any harm coming to me. But then I was thinking about why people are bullies in the first place and what that weird space was all about. Human interaction is really complex so my brain went into overload and I had to stop thinking.

I saw this really cool show on TV the other day about how we all are very similar to fish genetically. I guess scientists think we evolved from fish. If you look at an embryo from a fish and then a human they look a lot alike. Then the TV show started talking about monkeys and apes and how they may not be related to humans since they are like a different branch of the tree. I like all that science stuff because it makes you think about stuff and if you don't think you will drive your brain into the ditch and have to spend your life as a puppet on a string by people who trip out on pulling strings.

Anyway I keep thinking about bullies. And I keep thinking about how humans evolve from fish. Then I started thinking about all these weird cells that you look at under the microscope and how they interact with each other. I tried to think of bullies as a necessary part of human civilization and that maybe they had some purpose. But I don't think they do. I think that bullying other people is an unnecessary function of humans.

I think bullies are just people who freak out about their awareness of the reality that humans can be male and female at the same time. I think they are trying to kill something in their heads that scare them. I guess stuff that comes from inside people's minds is where evil comes from.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Hate Spiders

Today I thought I would dress up in a scuba suit and wander around. Here I am at the Star Trek Museum. You may wonder why I am wearing scuba gear. Well to be honest I really don't know. It just seemed like a cool idea. I started wondering around SL in scuba gear to see if any one would say "Hey - what's the big idea? Why are you wearing scuba gear?" But no one did. I guess most people have more important things to think about than why some crack pot is wearing a scuba outfit.

Anyway I was talking to my friend Kyne Tigerpaw tonight. We started talking about spiders. I really hate spiders. They creep me out. They have creepy legs and actually have eight or more eyes. What a weird creature to have eyes all over its body!

I have always hated spiders. I think it goes back to when I was a little boy and had these really cool cardboard people that made up a family. It was some stupid thing that they gave away at the gas station for kids to play with. There was a father, mother, brother, and sister. I think there was a cardboard dog too, I can't remember. But then I remember all of a sudden a creepy black spider was crawling on the side of one of the cardboard family. I was freaked out.

Even though I don't like them, here is some stuff that I read in researching this post. I must be nuts to get so obsessed with them.

But my point is that I had this cardboard family that even though it was not real it was a real family to me. And the family was attacked (well not really "attacked" more like crawled over) by a spider. But I guess I must have been really freaked out because the cardboard family did seem real to me, and it was sort of a reality that was violated or something. I think this may be a post that no one will write a comment on since sounds sort of weird. Well anyway thanks for reading.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

People Who Are Not Empties

I went over to my friend Ricardito Castaignede's house last week and he was working on making himself look better. I told him I would write about him in my blog but have been so busy that I have let it go for a few weeks. Since I am a lazy news reporter I saved the conversation that we had but I cut out the stuff that is not appropriate for the entire universe to read:

[16:28] Rammy Urriah‧: family is good - friends are better because they are optional
[16:29] Ricardito Castaignede‧: amen to that, brutha!
[16:29] Rammy Urriah‧: that sort of sounded profound - but maybe it is just rambling
[16:29] Ricardito Castaignede‧: i thought it was pretty profound
[16:29] Ricardito Castaignede‧: blog-worthy even! :)
[16:30] Rammy Urriah‧: i shall have to remember that then
[16:30] Ricardito Castaignede‧: Write about me! And remember to mention how sexy and single I am!
[16:30] Ricardito Castaignede‧: :)
[16:31] Rammy Urriah‧: ok - for what ever good that will do - if ANYONE reads my blog
[16:31] Ricardito Castaignede‧: I do - thats one.
[16:31] Rammy Urriah‧: well let me get a picture of you - hold on....
[16:32] Ricardito Castaignede‧: I didnt realize you wre still here!
[16:32] Ricardito Castaignede‧: Cheese!
[16:33] Rammy Urriah‧: ok - i got a good shot
[16:33] Ricardito Castaignede‧: YOu got my good side? :)
[16:34] Rammy Urriah‧: since i am not a great journalist it may not appear tonight though
[16:34] Ricardito Castaignede‧: no rush

On another day this past week I went to my friend Franziskus Ninetail's house. I had not seen him for a long time. I read from the book of my mind (LOL) in this picture. He is sad because his SL family is not together much these days. I don't have a lot of answers to why things happen but I guess people go away for reasons we may never know.

Life is strange sometimes. Today I was thinking about how people try to invent themselves. You may think inventing yourself is a bad thing, that you should be honest about "who you are" and all that. But I guess it human nature to invent ourselves in one way or the other. Humans would be like boring blobs of dough if they didn't do this. But maybe some humans should be "boring blobs of dough" since we need boring people to do stuff that interesting people would mess up with, since interesting people could not focus on the "blobs of dough" tasks that human civilization requires. I think the blobs of dough people are a category I will call the "empties". The empties are people who run around with their mouthes open like a mail box that you can put mail into. They are everywhere. So just remember that no matter how bad the world is that day - if you are upset about it - then you are NOT an empty.

Friday, July 16, 2010

A Bunch of Stuff and a Piano

I guess this post is going to be a rambling mess. When you are in school you are supposed to have an introduction paragraph, then expand on that, then a concluding paragraph. I guess this post is not really going to have a beginning at all but just fall into the inner thoughts of Rammy Urriah just like a wild ride at the carnival.

Anyway I was wondering who Eddi Haskell is. He is a very famous person in SL. When I first heard the name I thought he was a griefer since it was sort of a menacing sounding name. The guy on Leave It to Beaver was sort of the wise guy who was always sort of mean in a way. But the SL person is a photographer and takes pictures. That made me think of how bad my picture taking is. (see last post for evidence) I guess I don't know how to think in a square or something. When you have a coloring book you are supposed to color in the lines to make the picture look good. But if you are coloring and want to add some new objects, it never looks right since raw crayon is not part of the way the scene was intended by the multi-national coloring book industry.

When I was a kid there were some other kids who would NEVER let any person color a page in their coloring book since they wanted to have full control of that tome of illuminated manuscript master work. The kids that wanted the perfect coloring book (a coloring book that was perfect in every way) grew up to adults. They are all around us, and appear on TV talk shows as "experts". By the way, I wonder how they make money? I guess they are "professional experts" who are paid big bucks by the international coloring book control freak conspiracy.

Anyway back to Eddi Haskell. He has an art gallery that I am going to give an an advertisement for. You should go there if need something, and the prices are quite reasonable. I thought that maybe I would meet him there but he wasn't there at the time. There was a piano so I slipped on a tux and played and took a picture. This is a good picture because I didn't just snap like like I was buzzing a buzzer on one of those game shows where you can win a new refrigerator or a trip to Hollywood to meet a star who would be making milk shakes in Wisconsin except that he or she is a star.

I am worried that all the friends on my list are going away. It sort of makes me sad. I have lots of friends that go away that I never see anymore. I must be kind of crazy I guess, but it makes me feel as though we are just in a bus station in life, we sit, talk to others, but when our bus arrives, we leave and never see the people in the waiting room again. I guess that's a sad way to look at things. I keep meeting new people all the time but want to hold on to the old friends too.

Anyway thank you for reading.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Old and New

Hello blog readers, I will probably not post for a bit due to RL adventures, but I wanted to talk about what I did last night. Last night I had a conversation with two friends, one new Teleny Macarthur, and one old Franziskus Ninetails. Whenever you have conversations with friends you take little bits and put them into the pot of soup you are making in your life.

Well anyway we were talking about stuff that really wasn't so important that it would solve all the worlds problems or anything like that. I had this idea that I should have an evil twin, and I would call him "Spammy Urriah". That's because I think the people who send out spam are evil. I think it is good to have an evil twin because when you do something bad it is good to have someone else to blame it on. If there is a really good looking cake in the refrigerator and you want to eat a piece but it is for a party then you can blame the mystery of why a piece is missing on the evil twin. Evil twins are good for all kinds of purposes.

But then Teleny and Franz started coming up with other names for my new evil twin. Teleny said he could be very heavy = Hammy Urriah. Franz said a singer = Grammy Urriah. This picture was taken by Cammy Urriah. This picture is just plain terrible. It is so bad that it should be used in classes for people in picture taking classes to learn what NOT to do. First of all the angle makes Franz look like he has super long legs! Then we are talking but all looking away from each other - out into space.

But despite my bad picture taking (I like to have a picture because if I didn't put any pictures in my blog you may think I was making all of this up) I had a nice visit. I ended up with some new crazy theories after our conversation. Number one is that doing nothing but talking can be more than doing lots of stuff but not taking in. It is good to talk to friends because they make you feel good and you make them feel good. I don't exactly understand all the science of why that is but it works. I am glad I have friends because they sort of go into my head and I am glad they are there. I was thinking there should be a theory number two but I think one theory is enough since I sort of am going off the deep end again. Maybe theory number two should be that it is important to be a good guest in other people's minds as they are in your mind.

Well if you are not my friend but are just came across my blog via some odd search, I am going to give you an invitation into my mind, so please come in. But if you are my friend then I give you a big welcome hug. Poor Franz seemed very tired last night, I hope he feels better soon. Well anyway thank you all for reading.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

How Silly Putty Alters Reality

Well dear readers the other night I had a long chat with my friend Leif Ashdene about subjects that may not seem important to anyone, in fact if you were to simply click the back button on your browser right now and never read this post I will guarantee you will live a full and complete life without ever wasting a droplet of eyeball energy. (I guess eyeball energy comes in droplets) But the weird thing is that we were just chatting and didn't see each other so we could have been dressed up as dragons or monsters and the other person would never have known. Leif was talking about winding down as we all do after dealing with the day's *(^#&!. (insert your own term here) I had an idea that there should be some RL silly putty that you could press down on the faces of people you got mad at and then stretch them out into funny shapes.

Then Leif mentioned that silly putty (which was some stuff that was like some sort of oddball rubber concoction dreamed up by brilliant scientists who wore lab coats and wished they were making something useful but since they had bills to pay they had to invent silly putty to get rich) always smelled funky. We talked about silly putty for a long time, indicating that we are either extremely detailed people or extremely boring people.

Then I told a story that was slathered with sadness. Sometimes it is good to tell a very sad story because after you do you feel better. Go figure. Well here is the sad story:

And now....The Sad Slinky Story. Once there was a little boy who had a birthday party. The little boy knew that he could ask for a new toy to play with, so he thought and thought and decided he wanted to have one of those spring toys that could do tricks. He had seen them on television and since it was on television and the kids in the commercial where having fun, then he would have fun too. He was very happy at his birthday party because he had his very own Slinky.

At the party there was an older boy who went to real school, not kindergarten. Since he was old and he knew how to write letters and numbers, the little boy figured he must know stuff. The older boy said that one thing you can do with a Slinky is to stretch it all the way around the house. The little boy, who despite not having an understanding of mechanical engineering or physics, wasn't too sure this would work. But after all the big kid was older so he must know about these things. Well dear blog readers as you can probably surmise at this point this story is leading to a rather sad ending. The little boy's Slinky did not make it around the house as described by the older kid. The little boy's brand new toy never made it back to its original slink. The little boy was so upset but tried very hard not to cry because he didn't want to let his friends see him cry.

I have absolutely no idea what the meaning of that story even is. I guess the lessen is to not blindly trust people who say they know stuff. Maybe it is just part of life to have bad things happen in the middle of happy times. This will sound really crazy but it is so sad that it actually makes me laugh. Oh well life is interesting. Well good wishes to all, thank you for reading.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Touch the Earth

I was thinking about boat load of stuff today and I guess when you think about stuff it all comes out. So here it is: the most important people in human civilization know how to touch the earth. My friend Andrej and I went to a shopping mall and there was a massage table you could try out. So here is a picture of me trying out a massage on Andrej. We talked and talked about a lot of stuff, some of it silly but some of it important. But alas since we talked in general chat I don't have a record of it so I will have to trust my memory which is sort of flaky sometimes.

Anyway sometimes I watch stuff on TV and all and think it would be really cool to be famous. I think maybe we all have a little wheel that turns this "I would like to be famous" machine in our minds that makes us want to do stuff. If we didn't have it we would have not made it to the 21st century, we would have just died out a thousand years ago and dolphins or some other animal would take over the earth. But since we do have that little wheel I guess we have to ask is it an important wheel that should turn all that we do in life. I mean it is good to have an ego - but is feeding it all we are living for?

I wish I could touch the earth. It is so cool to put seeds into the ground and have them grow into tomatoes and peas and carrots and stuff. But maybe we need to touch other people too.

Well anyway Andrej and I talked about a bunch of stuff but the bottom line is that there really wasn't a bottom line. Maybe it is good not to have a bottom line. I think the lesson I have learned today was that the really important thing is not to try to please the world but to just feel the earth. Well anyway I want to thank everyone for reading this.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Art, Power, and the Human Body

Sometimes I come up with titles before I think of what I am going to write in the post. I guess a lot of people start talking before they actually have a thought in their mind so maybe that is just the way humans do things. Well anyway here is what I am thinking about.

A lot of famous artists sell paintings for a lot of money. I always wonder about that and if that just makes art something that only special people in the art maker industry understand and that maybe we as regular people don't have a clue about. Then I started thinking about people who make movies. Why are people driven to make movies?

You know the really weird thing about artists is they don't know they are making art at the time, and that those of us that are both making it and taking it in don't know that it is art.

So I went to the White House. As you can see in this picture I wore these really cool wing things on my shoulder and sort of glove like things. I wore these shorts that looked like they were a Jackson Pollack painting. The President was not there at the time but I took a picture behind his photo.

In the United States they came up with the term "White House" because they didn't want to call it the "President's Palace" or something like that because it sounded too exclusive. There are a lot of people who always have an opinion on something and there are a lot of people who know how to make a lot of money on people who have opinions. If you look at television you will either get numb or turn it off. I hope all of my blog readers will turn TV off. It is all about selling you a bunch of *#$@ that you don't need and will never make you happy. In order to sell you that *#$@ they will figure out a way to push your buttons. They will freak you out or play at your mind by thinking all your problems are caused by such and such and then, wham bam zam - a commercial for some stupid thing that enough people will buy that it is worth it for the advertisers to pay for the air time.

Well anyway I have been very stressed out about stuff in RL lately. But I am glad I have the knowledge of an internal space in my head which I can go to. I feel sorry for people who don't have any escape. I guess that is sort of what all that stuff they group into art, music, literature, etc. is. I don't think art making is about making art at all, it is just about breathing and talking and touching people. Maybe I have been thinking too much. Anyway I hope everybody who is reading this is happy, and I don't just mean it because I sounds nice and all that - I really do mean it.

P.S. (can you say "P.S" in a blog?) I forgot to say anything about the human body.

Friday, March 26, 2010

A Conversation With Visitors

I have been busy but there are times when one must simply stop and talk with visitors when they stop by. Two interesting people stopped over. Since they are famous I can't reveal their names so I will have to just refer to them as SP and TheP. When you are on television news a lot it is important to just slow down and take a deep breath and try to get real. Sometimes we see people on TV and make opinions about stuff but I think all those news talk show people just like to push our buttons to make us mad so we will buy a lot of garbage that they are always selling on TV. I don't think they really want to tell us the real news.

I saved the chat from SL so I can bring it to you. Here it is:

[2010/03/25 15:31] Rammy Urriah: Oh Hi SP! What's up? - hope you are well.
[2010/03/25 15:31] SP: Hi Rammy I've just been running around talking about stuff. It is really a lot of fun being in the spot light these days.
[2010/03/25 15:31] Rammy Urriah: I am not so sure I would like to be in the spotlight. I would be scared I would say the wrong thing sometimes and come across mean when I really don't want to be.
[2010/03/25 15:32] SP: Well I can't understand why anyone would think that.
[2010/03/25 15:32] Rammy Urriah: Well I mean all the stuff that all you political people say - I mean don't you ever feel bad about dividing people up?
[2010/03/25 15:32] SP: Rammy you must remember we need to get a message out, we need to be sure get our voice out into the world.
[2010/03/25 15:33] Rammy Urriah: I guess everyone wants to say what is in their mind and all but I think it is good to not do all the talking.
[2010/03/25 15:34] SP: Maybe....
[2010/03/25 15:34] Rammy Urriah: SP - I want to introduce my friend TheP.
[2010/03/25 15:34] SP: Glad to meet you.
[2010/03/25 15:34] TheP: Good to meet you.
[2010/03/25 15:34] SP reads profile of TheP
[2010/03/25 15:34] SP: I see you have been in SL for quite a while.
[2010/03/25 15:35] TheP: Yes but I have not had much time here due to some complaints people have had about some of my groups.
[2010/03/25 15:35] Rammy Urriah: What do you mean?
[2010/03/25 15:36] TheP: Some people in my groups have been accused of stuff that we don't like to talk about.
[2010/03/25 15:36] Rammy Urriah: It must be real hard when you can never talk about certain things
[2010/03/25 15:36] TheP: That is part of our RP in our sim. We are not supposed to think about certain things so it gets bottled up.
[2010/03/25 15:37] Rammy Urriah: I guess if that is the RP you want to do its OK but I know it is really better to just be honest with stuff.
[2010/03/25 15:38] TheP: it is just the way we are in our group. maybe you would be interested in joining.
[2010/03/25 15:39] Rammy Urriah: I think you have a very nice sim but I am not sure I would be right for it. But thank you very much for inviting me.
[2010/03/25 15:40] TheP: ur wc
[2010/03/25 15:40] Rammy Urriah: Yikes it is getting late. I am so glad both of you stopped over. But I must be going.
[2010/03/25 15:40] SP: I am glad we did, it is always good to get off the soapbox from time to time - LOL
[2010/03/25 15:40] TheP: Good to see you again my friend. Please take care and have a pleasant night's sleep.
[2010/03/25 15:40] SP: Nite Rammy.
[2010/03/25 15:40] Rammy Urriah: Good night to both of you. I am glad you are both my friends. I know that you are both nice people but sometimes it is easy to sound mean when you don't to mean to. Good night and thanks for stopping over.

Well dear blog readers it was late so I need to go to bed. You know it is so easy to get worked up about stuff when you watch TV and people say things that make you mad. But I think that just because sometimes people take themselves too seriously doesn't mean we have to too.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Judi Dench and Lunch Boxes

I can hardly wait for the new movie called Ikea staring Judi Dench. Franz was even talking about it. I like her a lot and I hope she reads this and hope she doesn't think some of her fans have a few screws loose despite being a bit eccentric.

Well on to a story. Once in an American school there was a boy who came from Germany. His mother made him sardine sandwiches with butter on pumpernickel bread neatly wrapped in aluminum foil. The other kids thought it was interesting but they did not think it was necessarily a bad thing and they did not make fun of him or anything like that - they just thought it was interesting. They had a lot of trashy food that their mothers bought because it was advertised on TV. And because it was on TV it must have been what the kids wanted because all reality is TV after all.

All the kids had lunch boxes and when you opened them up they smelled like sour milk and metal. They had been impregnated by the foul oder of rotting food as it traveled from kitchen to school lunch room and back again.

But now to the point of the story. But before we get to the point let me tell you an idea I had. I was going to make lunch boxes to sell on second life. They would be blank and you just put a picture of what ever you wanted on them. They would have little handles and all that stuff.

But now back to the point of the story. All of the kids had chosen lunch boxes to represent who they thought they were. Some kids liked real stuff like westerns and real people TV shows. Some liked cartoons. But the most important feature of any lunch box is to have the picture go all the way around. That means when you look at the side of the box the picture would be of something and the same picture would wrap around until it came to where you started, but there was NO end - the picture was just a continuous picture. You could go around and around and around forever. But that is not the point to this story.

The real point is that the lunch boxes were avatars.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Laughing is a Funny Thing

I wonder why people laugh. I mean it is really strange that we start making weird vocal sounds and blowing wind through our vocal chords in a "ha ha ha" sort of sound. Why do we do this? I mean why is stuff funny?

Sometimes I say "hehe" or "LOL" but it is sort of an odd thing. I still don't know why I laugh. But I do know one thing and that is that it is a good feeling and it must be something that we need to do. It feels good and sort of is like a victory cheer, like we kill an evil demon or something. I guess it must be like vitamins.

Well I guess I don't have a lot to say tonight. I took a picture of my friend Andy and me looking at the sunset. It sort of has a nice cosmic look to it.

Well I hope that everyone reading this is doing well. I know things get weird but just remember that you all know a place deep in your mind that you can draw a lot of value from. At least that's what I think. Just remember the feeling from stopping and having a laugh for some reason. I am not a totally happy person all the time, if I was I may be too bizarre to be a human, but anyway, well, I am just rambling now.

In the United States people say "What's the bottom line?" which is from accounting. That means what is the total after all the good has been added in and the bad after being subtracted out. So the bottom line is just to laugh and you will always draw something from somewhere.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Razor Blades, Q-tips, and the Meaning of Happiness

When you are dreaming your brain just keeps jumping around from thing to thing and when you wake up in the morning sometimes you say to yourself "What a weird dream!". But my theory is that this is just how brains work and we might as well get used to it. In fact sometimes it is funny the stuff brains come up with. Sometimes when I look at stuff in SL I think about dreams.

OK now for a story. Once there was an Army base in the United States where soldiers trained. This was quite a while ago and it was at a time when people were at war. They had a place where the soldiers could shave, but in those days the razor blades were flat blades and they could cut you very easily. They were safety razors but you still had to be careful because they were not that "safe". So the Army base put a slot in the wall where the soldiers threw their old razor blades away. No one ever knew where the razor blades went, they just went into a slot never to be seen again. This was because people did not want to get cut on old razor blades.

Then one day people came to tear down the old building. When they opened the wall a load of old razor blades from 50 years came falling out. So all the razor blades did NOT just disappear after all.

Once there was an old house that somebody moved into. The person decided to open an old closed up fireplace. Suddenly a zillion Q-tips fell out. The people who lived there before had cleaned out their ears for many years and had just thrown the Q-tips into the closed fireplace. But then again Q-tips is a brand name. Just like Kleenex and Band-Aids. But people use those brand names as though they are generic names. Isn't that odd?

OK now the history of Q-tips and how it relates to the razor blades. The Q-tip was invented by a Sargent in the Army named Marcus Hearit. He was a cannon shooter. A cannon shooter is a person who puts a cannon ball into a cannon ball and fires. They used to be very important in warfare 200 years ago. He got the idea for the Q-tip from the thing you stick into the cannon to push the ball down. He said "Man that sure looks like a good idea for something to use to clean your ears, so I think I will invent it". And the rest is history.

Then the great grandson of Marcus Hearit was in the Army and stationed at a place where the razor blades were thrown into the wall. That is how the two stories relate.

And now for the public service portion of this post. It is important to place a public service message into all artwork including a mindless rambling post because art must have a purpose. The message is to not stick a Q-tip directly into your ear because you may hurt your eardrum. You should not look directly into the sun during a solar eclipse either, but one time I saw a solar eclipse and I looked up but just real real real quickly.

Well I am not sure how this relates to happiness (title of post) but I wanted to be sure to let people know that just because a person tells off-the-wall stories, and perhaps they may be a bit eccentric at times, they are very happy people who see a lot of good in the world.

OK now for how these stories relate to SL. As we live in a virtual world we leave razor blades and Q-tips behind the walls. Will someone find them someday?

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Second Lives

Sometimes I find people who say things that trip me out:

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Hello World

I am so busy that I can't even write stuff. But I just wanted to tell all my friends that even though I haven't posted for a while I am still here. I hope I don' have a nervous break down or anything - but I don't think I will. Life sometimes is like weather, it can get bad for a while but then clears up.

And now a cosmic energy wave of good wishes to all. (don't laugh - a cosmic energy wave will do good things for you and now that you have read it - it will magically go to you and before you know it you will feel it)
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