Sunday, June 7, 2009

Tigers and Dragons

I joined a group called Tigers and Dragons. Why is this group called "Tigers and Dragons"? It is because Kenshi (Kenshiro Pevensey) likes to be a dragon and Franz (Franziskus Ninetails) likes to be a tiger. (They are the people who were married here.) I guess that is the logic of it. Sometimes if you think too hard about stuff you will end up hurting your brain.

I haven't written to much lately so I need to have a brain leak all over the clean page of this blog post. Why do people do the things that they do? I don't mean that in a bad way, just observing. Why do people like to be dragons and tigers and things? I like to dress up as non-human things too. But it is really strange if you think about it.

Today I was thinking of all the people in the real world who don't have enough food to eat and every day is a struggle. Then I thought of all the people who are not enjoying good health. It is good to reflect but not to be trapped by being consumed by all the problems of RL. I guess it is like breathing air or something, you let a bunch of bad stuff come in and just exhale it out again. The other day I was just wondering around by myself and took the picture you see to the right. I think I am playing one of those Australian things that makes the funny noise although it looks like some sort of inhale thing.

Well I hope everyone is not letting their brains think to much, or if you are then just let it think some to keep the brain pathways open. If you don't it will be just like plants that grow up along a trail in the jungle and there could be so many plants that you can't go anywhere. Please take care everyone!
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