Monday, April 6, 2009


I started out coming in world at my friend Andy's (Andrzej Eberhardt) new place. I am glad he is not so worried and on edge as he was a week ago. I helped Andy put in a new radio for his land and I am glad he picked a really cool station. It sounded like a station that could be comfortable playing opera and rock right next to each other. He said I could build something in the sky if I wanted but I don't want to take too many prims. I am thinking I should build a sky meditation house where you can go to relax. I have an idea that you would be surrounded by soothing colors or something. But since I was building it from scratch I can make it low prim. Maybe I could sell them - but I would just charge a little because I don't want to be a money pig or anything. Then he went to cook dinner and I went over to visit my friend Alexx.

Alexx and I talked about a lot of stuff. He is very knowledgeable about theater. Here we are relaxing with my wings crushed against his chest. I don't know much other than it is fun to see a play. But he has studied theater and knows a lot about it. He talked about something called Phantasia which was sort of an aesthetic consciousness. He said we are endowing our avatars with our own Phantasia when we communicate to each other. He said even though it is irrational to get excited by pixels yet we are because there is feed back. It was a lot of stuff to think about.

But last night a really weird thing happened. Allex was visiting Italy and I had previously had a premonition of an earthquake. But don't worry readers I am sure he is OK. Well it was certainly a weird coincidence.
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