Monday, October 13, 2014

Smarty Pants and Stupid Heads

If you have just started to read this post you may be thinking "as I am now spending my valuable time running my eyeballs across these words and attempting to glean a potential meaning, I wonder if this cerebral activity is of any value to my goal as a fulfilled human at one with the cosmos or is this simply a waste of resources that will have the same effect as eating potato chips and watching dribble on TV"? - then I will tell you to read no further. I fully intend to waste your time on another useless post.

I have not been in SL for a while. If you look at the last time I said anything you will think I vanished. But I came back the other night and found a whole lot of stuff was sort of different. A lot of my landmarks changed. When I went there I found they were turned into Walmarts and stuff.

Anyway I wonder why people say such and such is a "smarty pants" and such and such is a "stupid head"? I would think pants are not smart, and a head is smart. In fact the more I think of this, I think "speedy pants" comes in as another expression into this soup of goofy glob.

My friend Leigh Eel was on the other night but I didn't get to spend much time with him since it was late. He is a centaur. That is quite a classical thing to be. But when I was a kid I used to think about centaurs sometimes. If the neck is a human torso and they have four legs then they have six appendages if you count the arms, sort of like and an insect. I guess in ancient Greece they didn't waste time thinking of that. I guess they need all their legs for standing and stuff.

This leads me to a concern I always had about cartoons. I thought it was weird that Donald Duck only had three fingers. Someone told me that it made it easier to draw and since Walt Disney paid by the finger he ordered only three finger characters. Walt believed in pinching his pennies I guess.

Anyway by the time you have gotten to this part of the post you have come to the realization that you have wasted your time reading a complete bunch of nonsense. Thank you for reading.
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