Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Nice Christmas Conversation

Having a conversation with other people is a really strange and complicated thing humans do. I wonder why we humans invented the idea of conversation? Then I started thinking about how people get lonely and maybe the loneliness is an instinctual response because the humans who did not get lonely and need to talk to people died out a zillion years ago or something.

Well anyway dear blog readers last night started out weird. (not related to the picture you see - that will come later) I ran into a weird person who did not speak well. I don't mind that because I don't expect everyone to speak English well, but he just blurted out his fantasy demands (I will leave that part to your imagination) and as though his world was just a carnal ejaculation with no awareness of the subtleties of human nuance. In other words - "what a sleaze bag".

Then I met up with Derren Nexen and had a very good conversation. I took a picture and there it is. As you can see there were these red pose balls that made it look like we had just finished playing soccer (or football as they say in England) and we have the balls on our arms.

The conversation was filled with all sorts of cool idea path ways and pleasant avenues of our mental gardens. I guess only humans have conversations, although I think birds talk to each other too sometimes. But I think birds don't really get into talking that much although I don't know since I'm not a bird. Sometimes when it is cold birds will all sit on the telephone wire. They sit and sit and they are actually listening to our telephone conversations through their feet. They sometimes turn to the bird on their side and say in bird talk "get a load of that crazy person talking on the phone" and laugh in their bird laugh sound. Well frankly I don't care that birds are laughing at me.

Well I hope everyone is having a good Christmas holiday even if you don't celebrate it. Just don't let some evil merchant make you feel guilty for not buying a boat load of stuff you shouldn't be wasting your money on in the first place. Thank you for reading.
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