Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mathmatics and Wings

Last night I was playing around with building objects that had light in them. I made some "glow balls" that were invisible but would have light coming from them. I was so tired and sleepy that I fell asleep at the key board and when my face hit the keys I said "aieaofhgkeaf". Fortunately no one was nearby to hear this.

Anyway tonight I was wondering around by myself. I was feeling very lonely. I took a picture of myself laying in a pose ball bed but as you will notice there is no one as the "other" pose ball. I just had to lay there by myself. I told myself not to IM people all the time since I didn't want to be an IMing pest or anything. I did IM Franz but he was busy. Fortunately Ricardito called and I was glad.

I went over to Ric's sky house and was showing him some green skin I made while he showed me some skin he had to match his wings. Then when I was showing him some glow hair he said I should try it a different way. Stupid me clicked on my rainbow wings and ended up messing them up. I was so upset I felt like crying, I really liked those wings and now they were ruined. But Ric said it is just like math, just a matter of getting the math right. Then he went off.

It turned out Rico was right, I did get my wings back after working with them. So dear readers the lesson here is when you want to get things back in order when stuff gets messed up, don't panic and to keep a cool head.
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