Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hark, an Egg!

Well dear blog readers I was doing something sort of dangerous. I was thinking about stuff. Sometimes if you think about something, something will come out. It is just like a chicken laying an egg. I never lived in the country so I am no expert on chickens. But I guess if I were a chicken grower, (or a chicken raiser?) I would go out to the chicken house and look and say "Hark, an egg!". I don't think people say "Hark" anymore, I think that word went out with Shakespeare. But it is a good word. Hark, an egg.

Well so anyway I was thinking about stuff and then - Hark, an egg!

I think there are three types of people.
  1. Artists
  2. People that don't have any ideas about anything, almost never.
  3. Cool Thing Doers.

OK here are the details. Artists are busy making "Art" with a capital A. That's good. But when you look at it you have to put on an art hat, or wear art glasses. This requires a boat load of brain power to know all that art history stuff.

People that don't have any ideas are like bowling balls. You may say "Rammy why a bowling ball?" Well bowling balls have two holes at the top for the fingers. They look like eyes. Then a thumb hole that looks like a mouth going "Ohhhhh". That is what the heads of people who don't have ideas about anything look like. Just walking around going "Ohhhh".

Then there are cool thing doers. I will call them CTDs. CTDs just do stuff because it is cool. That's one of the things I liked about that Burning Man stuff. It is just a bunch of CTDs doing things you can look at and say "Man, that sure is a cool thing!", what ever that thing is.

OK now back to chickens. My friend Leigh won some baby chickens. They are really cute little chicks and make a cheep cheep sound. But you have to buy some sort of special chicken feed to keep them from croaking. Or kicking the bucket. Or going to that great chicken coop in the sky.

Then I had a mean thought. I would make the cutest thing you could ever think of - like a Japanese kitty type creature and give them away in SL. When people got them I would write a script that would make them cry and ask for special food from Rammy Urriah Enterprises and people would have to buy it or the poor little kitties will die. They would cry and cry and people would have to buy the special food because they would not want the cute kitties to die. I would become rich!

That is such an evil idea! Well I would NEVER resort to those sorts of things lest you fear your humble blog poster be, to quote "W" himself, an evil doer.

Please have a good time all and remember to enjoy life.
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