Wednesday, July 30, 2008

To All My Friends

Well I haven't written too much the past week and hope to do better soon. But I just want to send a message to all my friends that I must be away for a while but hope to be back soon. Everybody stay safe, healthy and happy!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mathmatics and Wings

Last night I was playing around with building objects that had light in them. I made some "glow balls" that were invisible but would have light coming from them. I was so tired and sleepy that I fell asleep at the key board and when my face hit the keys I said "aieaofhgkeaf". Fortunately no one was nearby to hear this.

Anyway tonight I was wondering around by myself. I was feeling very lonely. I took a picture of myself laying in a pose ball bed but as you will notice there is no one as the "other" pose ball. I just had to lay there by myself. I told myself not to IM people all the time since I didn't want to be an IMing pest or anything. I did IM Franz but he was busy. Fortunately Ricardito called and I was glad.

I went over to Ric's sky house and was showing him some green skin I made while he showed me some skin he had to match his wings. Then when I was showing him some glow hair he said I should try it a different way. Stupid me clicked on my rainbow wings and ended up messing them up. I was so upset I felt like crying, I really liked those wings and now they were ruined. But Ric said it is just like math, just a matter of getting the math right. Then he went off.

It turned out Rico was right, I did get my wings back after working with them. So dear readers the lesson here is when you want to get things back in order when stuff gets messed up, don't panic and to keep a cool head.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Cewlers and Wowers

I wanted to get this in before I had to leave for a few days. Leigh Eel was not busy last night so we went to the moon as you can see. I forgot to write down the name of this place in case you want to visit - but I will put it in when I get back.

We talked about building things with light shining around such as a flashlight. That got me to thinking about building something that has the property of light being given off but the texture is clear so you don't see it. I am not sure how it will look - but it may make a wild sculpture. It is good to think of ideas even though my objects probably are not as cool as others. I think when you start doing something it always looks sort of goofy at first but the best thing is just to try things and see if they work.

Now you are probably wonder what cewlers and wowers are. When we were looking around last night there were two people who were walking around but we could not see them, however they were close enough to hear them. We tried to find them. They were not talking in long sentences, they were just saying "cool" and "wow". Leigh said "Let's see if we can locate the cewlers and wowers". However when we found them they did not say hello back to us. I guess they were too wrapped up in what they were looking at or something.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Talking With Franz

I was glad I got a chance to talk to Franz last night because I was worried he was depressed. I don't think that just by talking to me someone could magically get UN-depressed or anything but I think when you talk to people it can help some.

One thing I always notice is that people who are real good at creating things can have many swings of mood and emotion. I don't know why but I guess that is just the way it is.

Franz and I sat on some rocks looking at a really nice splashy ocean. The waves would hit the rocks and explode into a relaxing mist. The sound was quite calming. I hope Franz feels better soon.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My Dinner With Andrej

Well I had not talked to Andrej for a while but did the other night. I am calling this My Dinner With Andrej after that movie where those two guys just sat at dinner and talked. Actually Andrej and I did not eat dinner but that would really wreck up a good blog title. I told him some of the stuff I had been up to and he had some that he had been up to.

I met Andrej at this crazy American High School - but since I dropped out I will not mention the name. It was fun to be there for the first time but I kept getting confused at the classes. Everybody talked all the time and you could not really understand what was going on. I don't think I really like High Schools, at least the American style.

What I liked to do at this school was to swim naked in the pool, but I think some of the students were sort of freaked out about that. Andrej used to be on the gymnastics team at the school and he had a uniform and everything.

Well the last thing I am going to say about American schools is that I keep thinking that there must be something not right in the U.S. if this is what schools are like. It is almost like throwing all the students into a big machine and chewing them up.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Exotic Dancing

Last Saturday Franz asked me to fill in at the last minute to be an exotic dancer. I got to wear a tiny thong (that is where people stuff dollar bills) and dance around a pole. If you think about it, it is sort of a crazy thing to do but I figured you should try to do different things. Well Dear Readers it was fun but I am not sure it is really who I am. I didn't take any pictures to show you either.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tarot Sculpture of Madcow Cosmos

I can look at tarot cards all day and keep wondering about all their meanings. There are so many ways to interpret what they could mean. Today I saw a whole deck in the form of sculptures. I think I will go back and walk around again. These sculptures by Madcow Cosmos have many details to look at. The whole thing blew my mind, and I can't believe how much work it must have taken to build the whole set. You can go there this way. I liked the work so much that I had to put it in my blog so people would not miss it.

I really like to write about art and creative stuff that I see and I think a lot of people would enjoy it too. I thought maybe I should be an art critic. I am not sure I am smart enough to be an art critic though. I figured I should go to the library and look at all those fancy art magazines so I can see how it is done. I read the reviews about shows at galleries and then the oddest thing would happen. Right after I read an article I would turn the page and there was a big full page advertisement for that artist at that gallery. I guess it was just a coincidence.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ricardito Castaignede's Waste Dump

Last night Ricardito showed me the finishing touches on the toxic waste dump to go a along with the new musical The Toxic Avenger. It is located near the theater (which is in Broadway Live South) - sort of near the side. Just go past the yellow ribbons and barricades. Here is how to get there.

Don't forget to turn on the midnight look - that makes it look real creepy.
Ric and I talked for a while. I took a nice picture I was going to use but I must have not had film in my camera or something because I could not find the picture today. What a bummer. Ric must like to go fishing a lot. He said to be sure and mention what a nice cod piece he has.
Oh well - more later.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Cruise Ship

People sure do like to build things that remind them of things they like in RL. Yesterday I was at a dance for an art exhibit on a cruise ship. I took a picture of Franz and I talking on a deck so you can see how big it is. At the dance I asked people who may have known more about the ship if this was the Titantic but they laughed and said no. But I am so embarrassed - I forgot to take my reporter's notebook and forgot to write down all the important stuff. I forgot to even write down the name of the artist, I think her name was Gracie something. Well I will just have to go back to get the facts.

Since I started this blog I find that I like to write about things people do and build and behave. And I like to write about the stuff people make up in their head and then make it exhist so other people can look at it. It is so cool to just walk up to artists and talk to them. Sometimes artists are famous but I think a lot of them tell you stuff about what they did if you just walk up to them and start asking.

Well I have learned a lesson Dear Readers, from now on I am going to try to take notes better. Well let me close now and send my best wishes to all.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


I got a very strange note card message yesterday, it said that someone on my friend's list had committed suicide. I am not sure what to think. The note card said it was from her sister who had logged on to her account to send out the message. My friend Franz knew her much better than I and was understandably quite upset.

I just don't know what to make of this. Is it real? I can not imagine someone staging this in this way, so I am thinking it is real. But then I am not sure. I hope it is not real, just a bad choice of a way to leave the world.

The only good that has come of this is seeing that Franz must have some good friends in Mikal Mikoyan, Jojo Mandel, Kyne Tigerpaw, and JC. I guess humans were made to connect with each other deep down inside.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Real Real Artists Doing Cool Things

Well Dear Readers I had a bad problem computer earlier this week and did not get to visit SL on the day before yesterday. I had to play computer doctor, but the patient lived. Yesterday Ricardito invited me to an artist place and I was real glad I went.

I like artists because they make stuff that you can look at but will also make things happen in your head. I don't know if you are supposed to say that because that doesn't sound like real art talk that you would say when you visit a museum or something. I hope people don't laugh at me when I try to write about art.

This group is called the Rezzable group I think. (I hope I got that right) I will have to write more and go back again. Last night I had dreams about the big tower like thing that I flew up into. It made me feel like a baby being born or something. I took a picture of me traveling in a bubble transporter.

Then Ricardito took me to where the Greenies live. Here is where it is.
The greenies must live in a house and must run around like mice. When you go into the house you go through a mouse hole, then you realize you are in a doll house. Suddenly you are in a GIANT house OR you are VERY SMALL. It feels just like Alice in Wonderland or something.

Well there is so much that I must write about but I will have to save it for later.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Toxic Advenger Musical Catches My Interest

Yesterday started out sort of normal, Franz, Tree Ahat and I went shopping. Tree wanted to find a new shape and maybe a different look. Somehow we all got lost so I am not sure what Tree finally came up with.

Then I called to say hello to Ricardito Castaignede and he invited me to see what he has been working on. That's a picture of him (blue) and me in a very urban world he built. Now I should talk a bit about Ricardito. He is a blue faery sometimes. He has a really good eye for cool psychedelic colors and shapes and makes things that are very wild to experience. I have only met him recently but he is a lot of fun to talk with.

Ric (I hope he doesn't mind my shortening his name) has been working on a project to support a new Broadway play based on the B movie The Toxic Advenger. I never saw that cinematic gem but it sounds like a cool idea for a musical, why not? I will provide more info dear readers, as soon as I get it so you can visit the sim.
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