Saturday, January 24, 2009

Bananas, Onions, Soap, and Cheese

The other day Leigh, Franz, DeliciousDemon Chemistry, and Naedani Aridian sat around a camp fire and talked about stuff. The smoke sort of got out of control, must have been bad wood. While we were talking we tried on some different clothes, outfits, and creature aviatars. Franz stayed the same, he was dressed sort of in a tidy white suit. You almost can't see him behind the fire.

Then I thought to myself that guys are not supposed to like to dress up and change to new clothes for fun. If you are a guy you are supposed to talk tough and loud, the reason is so other guys will be sure to hear you talking tough and loud. But you are not supposed to try out clothes and costumes just for fun.

Then I had two great thoughts for a happy life that must be shared. The first is to never invite company over for a dinner you prepare that combines bananas and onions. If you do only invite over people who you don't like a lot.

The next rule for a happy life is to not confuse a bar of soap with cheese. If you do you will be in for a rather unpleasant result.
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