Friday, August 8, 2008

Strange Soup of the Brain

Yesterday I went over to Ricardito's Blue Fairy House and talked to Rico for a while. He had on a weird getup - he looked like something from Anatomy 101 or a late night horror movie. It was really yukky looking if you ask me. He and I talked and he used my picture to test out a script he was writing. He has a lot of exciting things out of this world going on now - I am using my magic thought powers (9 volt battery of positive energy) to hope good things will happen to him.

Then I saw Franz. He had been on a long time and I thought it would be good if he slowed down so I suggested we lay in the hammock. It all makes me think about the stuff in my brain about people. Even though people here are just made by a computer, we each have unique personalities. I guess I can't explain it. We all know we are kind of playing but we also know we are real and can have hurt feelings and all that. All of my friends have a little different personality too that is underneath their images they are made of.

Then I started thinking about what people like to do in SL. Some people like to make money, and I guess that's OK but I just think it's cool to do stuff without trying to make money. I think when you think about money all the time you can get sort of sick. But I guess I don't know all the answers in life, so I just work on the things that are sensible to me. That is enjoy your friends as best you can because it will make you feel good.
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