Thursday, August 5, 2010

People Who Are Not Empties

I went over to my friend Ricardito Castaignede's house last week and he was working on making himself look better. I told him I would write about him in my blog but have been so busy that I have let it go for a few weeks. Since I am a lazy news reporter I saved the conversation that we had but I cut out the stuff that is not appropriate for the entire universe to read:

[16:28] Rammy Urriah‧: family is good - friends are better because they are optional
[16:29] Ricardito Castaignede‧: amen to that, brutha!
[16:29] Rammy Urriah‧: that sort of sounded profound - but maybe it is just rambling
[16:29] Ricardito Castaignede‧: i thought it was pretty profound
[16:29] Ricardito Castaignede‧: blog-worthy even! :)
[16:30] Rammy Urriah‧: i shall have to remember that then
[16:30] Ricardito Castaignede‧: Write about me! And remember to mention how sexy and single I am!
[16:30] Ricardito Castaignede‧: :)
[16:31] Rammy Urriah‧: ok - for what ever good that will do - if ANYONE reads my blog
[16:31] Ricardito Castaignede‧: I do - thats one.
[16:31] Rammy Urriah‧: well let me get a picture of you - hold on....
[16:32] Ricardito Castaignede‧: I didnt realize you wre still here!
[16:32] Ricardito Castaignede‧: Cheese!
[16:33] Rammy Urriah‧: ok - i got a good shot
[16:33] Ricardito Castaignede‧: YOu got my good side? :)
[16:34] Rammy Urriah‧: since i am not a great journalist it may not appear tonight though
[16:34] Ricardito Castaignede‧: no rush

On another day this past week I went to my friend Franziskus Ninetail's house. I had not seen him for a long time. I read from the book of my mind (LOL) in this picture. He is sad because his SL family is not together much these days. I don't have a lot of answers to why things happen but I guess people go away for reasons we may never know.

Life is strange sometimes. Today I was thinking about how people try to invent themselves. You may think inventing yourself is a bad thing, that you should be honest about "who you are" and all that. But I guess it human nature to invent ourselves in one way or the other. Humans would be like boring blobs of dough if they didn't do this. But maybe some humans should be "boring blobs of dough" since we need boring people to do stuff that interesting people would mess up with, since interesting people could not focus on the "blobs of dough" tasks that human civilization requires. I think the blobs of dough people are a category I will call the "empties". The empties are people who run around with their mouthes open like a mail box that you can put mail into. They are everywhere. So just remember that no matter how bad the world is that day - if you are upset about it - then you are NOT an empty.
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