Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Holidays

Well this time of year everybody is busy with things. Even if you are a pagan there is a holiday soon, Yule. They sometimes say people get real depressed this time of year. I am real lucky and have nothing to feel depressed about. In fact I am rather happy, so much so that I took a picture in this Santa Hat. My friend Franz gave me the hat. He is going to take some time away from SL so I will miss him.

The other day I was at a kiss auction to auction kisses to raise money for a SIM named Chiaroscuro. I forgot to take a picture but it was decorated very nicely for the event. I must not be the kissable type, or else it was late and people were auctioned out or something because my bids were, well how shall I put it? - not so high. But fortunately my friend Leigh came to the rescue.

Well I hope everyone is happy, healthy, etc. and has a happy holiday. I will try to put more interesting things in my blog, this was sort of a dulls-ville blog. In fact as I am writing it I am amazed at how totally dull it is. I guess this will be my New Year's Resolution - to make the blog more exciting. Well bye for now.
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