Thursday, December 22, 2011

An Educational Post For The Holidays

I have been sort of lonely since I haven't seen many friends these days, I think they are all busy doing stuff. So I decided to send out a happy holiday greeting to all and hope everyone is feeling good. (I was actually born several years ago during Christmas) Anyway I guess a lot of people don't know all the details about the holiday and since I think it is important to put educational stuff in a blog, here is how Christmas is celebrated around the world.

In Great Britain this guy, whose name was Guy, tried to put a bomb in Parliament on the 26th of December - but the bomb didn't go off. His name was Guy Faults. Well it turned out a big mess, and all the members of Parliament got mad at him and they all got into a big boxing match. The British still to this day celebrate Boxing Day on the 26th.

In the United States Christmas is officially started when they show a TV show called Rudolph the Red Nosed Rain Deer, which is made with these moving puppet things that jerk move around doing stuff in the snow. This show has Burl Ives inside of a snowman. He was a guy who sang folk songs and a lot of people thought people who sang folk songs were communists.  In those days some people were freaked out about communists. These people have now been replaced by people who are freaked out about UFOs.

Anyway Burl Ives used to live with the actor Harry Morgan, who sadly passed away last week. I liked Harry Morgan and was sad to hear this, but he was blessed with a long life. I liked his character on MASH but I didn't like his character on Dragnet so much since I though it made the police look like goody two-shoes.   I am not sure the term "goody two-shoes" will translate into any thing sensible if you are translating this blog post into Japanese.

Any way getting back to Rudolph and how this fits into everything. In the US when people get together for a holiday party, the parties always end up in a big fight every year. Some of the people think the title should be "Rudolph the Red Nose Rain Deer" and another group think it should be "Rudolph the Red Nosed Rain Deer" (past tense nosed). Often these fights are similar to the British tradition of Boxing Day.

Perhaps the best celebration traditions of Christmas come from Germany. The Germans were the ones who invented the Christmas tree. Beaucoup Weihnachtspl├Ątzchens are enjoyed by all the kids. I think people who don't usually like Christmas should take a trip to Germany anyway since all the little toys are so cute and so clever.

In South and Central America Papa Noel will come and leave a present under your pillow. Papa Noel is usually dressed in a red guayaberra shirt which is more sensible attire for that part of the world. I don't know too many more details on this part of the world, other than llamas are decorated with red hats with a white puff. The llamas eventually pull the hats off and eat them since llamas don't understand the holiday season.

Well I hope I was able to waste some of your time and shed some light on how the Christmas holiday is celebrated in different parts of the world.  Please feel free to offer any other traditions that I may have missed. I hope for much happiness for all.

Friday, December 16, 2011

We Humans Are All Pianos

I was thinking the other day that I was feeling like a piano. Not that I wanted to play a piano but that I was a piano. And that I guess we are all just pianos, with our keys ready to be played by any one who happens to be walking along and says "I see a piano to play." Some people know how to play our keys real well but others are just key bangers that are annoying.

You may note with the picture that I am wearing horns. There is nothing wrong with choosing to wear horns, but this really has nothing to do with this blog post.

But getting back to pianos, one thing that I have noticed is that a lot of people keep their lids closed. This is good in that no one will play your keys but it also means that no one who really knows how to play well will be able to play on you. So there you sit in the piano store with no opportunity to be played, but never risking a bad player playing some really hack rendition of a piece of music.

I guess when we watch TV or the read the news or go to our stupid jobs at work or what ever, we have our keys exposed to the world and must deal with a bunch of nit-wits who will try to play our keys. In fact even when you go to the store or even just try to walk somewhere there are people who think it is OK to just try to play your keys with out any real respect of the beautiful music that you can make as a human being.

I wonder why human beings invented crazy stuff, like why did humans invent music? I mean it is really weird that it is based on all that math and notes and timing and all. I guess that a lot of years ago a bunch of humans were sitting around and one of them invented music and the other humans said "hey that bunch of sounds is really cool and I think this invention should follow human civilization around all over the world" and the human who invented music said "hey, thanks a lot."

My friend Franz gave me a music box that has a picture of his family when you open it. When they were taking this picture they had just loaded up a lot of logs in the fire place and it became so hot that they had to take a lot of their clothes off. I though I would put it in my house but I realized I it was not rotation friendly - but I fixed it and here it is in this picture.

I hope everybody is having a good end of year holiday and that if you live south of the equator that you are having a great summer. Thank you for reading.

Friday, November 4, 2011

The Oxymoronity of Black Lights

Last night I went over to the store of someone I met a long time ago, Fr0zenHawk Effingham. It is called CoudWhat? and is located here. There is a lot of stuff that reminded me of black lights, which caused some small machine in my brain to think "if white is light, how can it be black?" This small machine located in a tucked away corner just behind the eyeballs occasionally chugs out useless wanderings that are of no real value. We both talked a bit about eyeballs. I am not sure why but eyeballs have been the subject of artists for a zillion years. If you ever want to make a scary picture just put a big eyeball in it.

Anyway I made a picture of Fr0 (see right) but since I was feeling it needed a dash of trip vibe to the scene I adjusted it a bit.

Now I think the time has come to speak of ants. Yes those little six legged intruders into the sanctum of a human's shelter that crawl around like little explorers with one sole purpose, to find food.  Once they used to sell these ant farms to kids (I am not sure if they still do) and the kids could look at ants do ant-like things all day long. However since there was no way to insert commercials into the ant farm, their use was limited in the minds of the corporate establishment. Kids who never had ant farms never saw the little ants:
  1. plant corn and drive a little tractor
  2. fetch small ant eggs for omletes
  3. milk the little ant cows for fresh dairy products, like ant milk, ant yogurt, and best of all ant ice cream.
Anyway I think Salvador Dali had many ants in his pictures. Maybe ants get in our dreams at night or something. I think I am getting too ridiculous tonight so I better stop. I hope everyone is doing well and not stressed out about a lot of useless stuff that is truly unworthy of your time. Thank you for reading.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zombies Are Everywhere

I met with my friend Franz last night and he wrote about the ZOMBIES!!!  We were at a place that I am not sure was officially opened for Halloween but that's OK. He gave me a "ahh!" animation and I put it on and took this picture but it was hard to get all the action to happen at the same time. In this place these people with bloody teeth and hands that stick out move close to you and want something from you but you don't know what.

Sometimes I get mad at stuff and think that many people in the world are just zombies, moving along with out thinking about anything, just watching stupid stuff on television. In fact all television is is just a bunch of advertisements that say "buy this" or "do that". But people still watch it. Once I saw a movie called The Manchurian Candidate, a suspense thriller about an attempt to assassinate a factious president of the United States. The really freaky thing about this movie is that it was made right before President Kennedy got shot. But what was really good was that someone actually wrote a script, not just hired a bunch of nerdy techies to do a lot of gratuitous explosions that light up the screen with sonic rumbles that you can feel through the floor causing you to spill your drink and make your popcorn fly up in the air in a eruption of fake butter yellow coated particles.

Anyway if you get a chance to see this movie you should. (I guess I am giving movie reviews now!) But the line I always remember is: "the human race is divided into two distinct and irreconcilable groups: those that walk into rooms and automatically turn television sets on, and those that walk into rooms and automatically turn them off." Unfortunately the turn on segment is rapidly outnumbering the turn off segment.

 Oh well so much for my opinions. But if you have your TV set turned off you are on the road to nirvana in my mind. Thanks for reading.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Only Know People In Slices

Once someone told me that he thought people all live in boxes and you only know the side of the box that you can see since you are in a box as well. I guess when you deal with all that x, y, and z stuff you start thinking like a box head.

Once I had an idea for this really cool globe thing that you could wear and it would say "Bad Vibe Shield" and would rotate around you to magically prevent some other person's bad vibes from polluting your inner space. I though maybe some people would pay Lindens for them and give them as gifts and I could have enough money to build a huge shopping mall and be like that monopoly man with the white mustache and the top hat. Then I thought I would just give them away. But I could never make the rotation do what I wanted to and it turned out to be a big goofy thing that didn't work right. I make a lot of things that end up sort of goofy. I never showed it to anyone except once my friend Franz saw it in progress once.

I kept the "Bad Vibe Shield" texture I made and used it to keep people from falling off the edge of a platform I built. It is one of those textures that you can see through.

Anyway I have not written much so I thought I should put some logs on the fire of this blog and say some stuff about knowing people in our minds and about art and anything else that would get a fire glowing in the fireplace in the cosmic blog-o-sphere.

I used to come to SL a lot in the beginning and stay for hours. It really tripped me out to see a virtual reality and to be able to dress up in clothes you can make up and do anything you wanted to. Now I just come for a while and my time schedule is not such that I see many friends any more.  But I keep thinking about knowing people in boxes. I think of it as knowing people in slices. All of the humans who did not make friends died out many years ago since the humans who had the "friend" tendency formed tribes to fight off saber toothed tigers and such. The ones that stayed by themselves did not last so long. Thus the Rammy Urriah theory. But I don't think we ever really know people all the way, just a slice of them.

Now for more of the "slice" theory. Sometimes when you have a friend who lives away that you only talk to by phone, you only can tell how their life is by the slice they give you when they call. If they call on a bad day and they seem very sad or upset you end up thinking "yikes, X is doing very bad!" (I use the "X" to designate that it could actually be anyone but you dear readers already know that so my putting this stupid comment in the middle is sort of ridiculous - so please ignore this useless comment) Anyway my thinking is that we know people by the sum of their slices, so we hope that the slices we are given are a good representation of the whole.

Well anyway I hope that everyone is doing well and finding life good. This is my slice of me tonight. Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mad Beyond Words!!!!

I am really mad. I am so mad that I am going to sound like some sort of volcano blogger that just vents and spits out like a grouch pot. (I am not sure what a "grouch pot" is - but it sounds like how I feel)

I was editing something in Second Life and the ^$#@~'s that came out with the computer interface who obviously are are a pack of nit-wit zombies who either don't understand appropriate human computer interface or are just in need to collect a fat paycheck to afford their overpriced San Francisco hill shacks don't understand the value of undo. I somehow (accidentally) deleted something elaborate that I was working on and there is no logical "undo" of a deletion. Yes I know there is a "control-z" but it is poorly implemented and may or may not restore. It is no wonder why people who are creative are abandoning this platform like air from a tire on a bicycle that just ran over a nail.

Why is is that in most standard computer interfaces when you want to undo something you can? Is it that we as are supposed to feel the "user" is simply not as "smart" as the people who are the brilliant computer genius engineers who wrote the *&*#^! software!

At this point I am not sure I even care any more. I am so &@^#*ing mad that I don't want to every create anything. Maybe this is why creative people are losing interest in Second Life. I hope some Linden god reads this!

Well don't worry dear readers, I will cool down in a few minutes. I am not really a hot-head by nature. But I am so mad now that I am thinking that I perhaps had better not post this. But wait a minute, why not? (as you can tell dear readers your poster is not afraid of voicing an opinion) OK here is this post.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where Are We In the Cosmos?

There. How's that for a wild post title? You know what I really hate are people who say stupid stuff in group IM's and blast them out to all group members. Some of those group members may be doing something important such as clipping their toenails and do not want to hear that blabbing. OK I know that sometimes I say stuff that is stupid in an open chat at a party (but not in a group IM) and then after I think about it I say to myself "eek! that was not a good thing to say" but alas, as in RL, if we never said stuff, be it goofy or not, we would live in a land of people with tape over their mouths. If you are a school teacher you may want to put tape over kid's mouths but I think that is against the law.

I haven't posted for a while, but then again I really had nothing worthwhile to say. I have taken a picture of me outside my house standing next to pinky the flamingo. The house is sort of odd in that it is rather goth and I am not really a goth person but it was what was here and it is very nice. There are skeleton heads over the windows.

Now this part of the post is about stuff that may not be of any great importance to your life but here it is anyway. Do you know that if the normal life expectancy is, say 77, that means:

77 years times 365 = we will may see 28,105 sunrises.

(Of course if you sleep until noon this theory is thrown out the window!) I guess that also means 28,105 sunsets too. If it is rainy then I guess there are not that many. I guess the bottom line is that stupid stuff that happens in the middle of the day is not very important. Maybe I should find some group I belong to and paste all these goofy thoughts in and blast them out. Don't worry I won't do that, I do have class with a capital K. (That's from a Cab Calloway song)

I hope everyone is doing well and that you are enjoying your 28,105 sunrises and sunsets. Thank you for reading.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Advertisement for My Friend Franz

Last night I visited my friend Franziskus Ninetails (who is a famous celebrity in SL) and he was telling me about his houses that he has built and are at his store. Here is the place to go to find them. You should go there if you want a house with a medieval flair, the prices are quite reasonable.

I took a picture of one of the houses that was rezzed by the rezzing machine. Here we are looking at it.

Last night I was feeling sort of lost in RL and SL so I just wondered around sending IMs to people who I had not spoken to for a long time. I guess we all feel lost in the universe from time to time. We humans are interesting animals. We are hard wired to be social with each other since the humans who did not form communities were eaten by saber-toothed tigers many years ago.

I told my friend Franz that I will put a link to his store on my blog that zillions of people read. (LOL) This next part may seem to have nothing to do with this post but it does. I really hate when people throw chewed up chewing gum on the street or parking lot. When you step in it it sticks to your shoe and you say &*%#@! chewing gum! - what sort of stupid jerk threw it out like this!!! Sometimes in life stuff is just like that chewing gum, it sticks to your mind.  Chewing gum on the shoe is not a good thing but the metaphor is. Sometimes things stick to us. But not in a bad way like chewing gum, but just in a way. I often wonder as we go through life if there is a cosmic chewing gum on the shoe system that we meet people in our lives.

Well anyway I should have thought this crazy post through more before I typed it in. But the nice things about posts that are not thought out is that you can see the person who typed it in better. Thank you for reading.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bananas and Their Friends

Sometimes when a person sits down to write stuff they just have to say "hey maybe it is better for my mind to run free."  I think that is a good philosophy. Maybe I should run for office. But then again I think to do well in politics you must let your "mouth" run free, I don't think your mind is really a component.

I jointed a group my friend Gordon suggested called "Miscreants' Academy." I is fun to play different things. Our brains make us play different things, sort of like dreams I guess. I feel sorry for people who don't know what the concept of play is. They are people who are very unhappy are not so much fun on the sensual and biological interaction side. Since this is a "G" rated blog I will let the readers interpret further on that statement.

Anyway I digress. The whole point of this post is about bananas. I actually had a real banana tree in my back yard once. The bananas were the little ones that they don't sell in stores. There are many philosophies about selecting bananas in the store. If you go to the store you see bananas in "hands" - that's what I call the groups of six or seven that are still connected. (that may even be a real term - it sort of sounds like a real term) There are some people that just snap off one or two from the hand.  They unconsciously  plop them in their shopping cart and move on. 

Now this part is going to sound goofy - but I guess this must add something to the total picture of who I am. I can never pull some bananas off from their little banana group. That is because I feel very sorry for the bananas - that they are torn away from their friends. I know that is crazy because I take them home and eat them, but it is hard to break them up. I have been thinking about this wacko theory for a few days now, and I think it is due to my feeling that humans have friends and that friends are some cosmic connection of some sort.

Well thank you for taking the time to read this post. 

Monday, July 4, 2011

Anteaters Are Always Welcome At Picnics

Even though this picture of my friend Gordon and myself has nothing to do with picnics, nor does it have anything to do with anteaters, I thought that would make a good title.

I haven't posted anything for a while but my theory is if you don't feel a post in the oven then you should not post stuff that is half-baked. Although I guess a lot of my baked stuff is half baked so maybe that theory doesn't work at this blog. Once at a pot luck dinner I brought an "experimental" dish. Sometimes this can make you the hit of the party - or - people can try the experiment and try very hard not to throw up in a volcano like eruption. This would be very similar to the ancient city of Vesuvius except that instead of being permanently encased in volcanic ash for future educational science TV shows, you would be covered in vomitosity of indescribable horror and the party would be ruined. (Vomitosity is a word I think should be included in the dictionary.)

Well here is the news. My friend Harter Fall made some cool stuff and you can see it here. I wanted to put this in my blog since the blog robots of the search engine gods see these things and it adds a mark to the great cosmic book of virtual knowledge.  I like it when people do things.

I went to a party the other day, it was a goth party. I don't have that much goth stuff but I found some skin and a cool black cape. When you are at a party it is sort of a strange thing. When you say something in open chat it is important to not say anything that may make people think you are a weirdo or anything. Sometimes I guess in both RL and SL we say things that are half-baked. But I guess we have to be balanced because if we always worry about the fear of the half-baked we would never open our mouths. I guess it is all a matter of knowing when to take the cake out of the oven.

I guess I don't have much to say aside from a bunch of goofy stuff. So I guess this is just a petite post tonight. I hope everyone is happy these days and is enjoying life on what ever cosmic level turns you on. Thank you for reading.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Naked Human

Sometimes I think "Hmmm - what would a great title be for this post?" and come up with all sorts of things that probably are quite silly or non-serious. I wonder if there is a thing called non-serious. Many people would get real mad at people who are non-serious. These people are serious so they are type S and others are type NS. The type NS are fun to be around, but they have to be not TOO NS and have an S side that is a available so they will have an anchor to reality. That is important I guess.

Sometimes I write stuff about my friends in SL but I seem to be going off the deep end tonight. I made some really cool glasses (see picture). Then I was thinking about how people make themselves. Some people make themselves into fashion models. If you have the power to invent yourself then why not? But maybe inventing ourselves is the story of our naked self.

I think a lot of people who like to make money make a lot of money exploiting the way we want or need to invent ourselves. Maybe that is the great secret to making money. Maybe that is ALL making money is about. Well maybe or maybe not. A blog is just like a diary turned upside down. When you write in your diary it is locked up with a key and no one can read it. But a blog it is turned upside down, EVERYONE in the world can read it. I guess it all freaks me out. But as long as I can be an NS - all will be OK.

But don't worry dear readers - there is still even more to this crazy story! At one time people used to take picture with cameras with film. There were two types, the type where when you looked through the little window you looked through the lens, and those that you looked at the thing you wanted to take a picture of through a viewfinder. If you had a viewfinder then you had to be careful not to forget to remove the lens cap otherwise you would see what you wanted to take a picture of but the film would not. Many a great picture could be ruined by forgetting to take the lens cap off. All the photographers who had those types of cameras stuck together because they all needed to help each other to remember to take off the lens cap. The photographers would be at a beautiful vista snapping photos, but when they say one of their group had forgotten to take off the lens cap, they would all yell "LC, LC!". (LC = code words for "lens cap" - a secret code message)

I guess there must be a point to that goof-ball story and that is that in life I guess we must remember not to forget to take off the lens cap from time to time. And that wearing glasses is OK too. We are all naked and that's just the way it is.

Friday, May 27, 2011


I couldn't come up with a good title for this post so I just called it "wedding!". I went to the wedding last night of Teleny and Derren that was officiated by Mistletoe Ethaniel. Franz and River were there too. I am sitting in the back in a pew and I just have a very little head in this picture. I wore a tuxedo but I don't like to wear it because it is so cheap - in fact it was a freebie. It makes me look like Gumby or something. I don't know why but it made my arms look like rods with dumb flat hands.

I am not sure why I am thinking about Gumby, that was a ridiculous animated bunch of nonsense about a green eraser. At least I think he was an eraser. He had a head that tilted up to a corner and looked like an eraser. Once I saw a show on TV where a new teacher from Holland was hired to work in the USA (New York City I think) and the young new teacher told his students to be sure to have a rubber available if they make a mistake on their math work. The students roared with laughter since the term had another meaning in the US. Anyway I digress, getting back to Gumby. I always thought Gumby was sort of silly except for one show where he had a lemonade stand that advertised "all you can drink for one dollar". A customer came to the lemonade stand and asked for a lemonade. He drank it down. He said "I would like another". Gumby answered back "I'm sorry that's all you can drink". For some reason I remember that being the funniest thing I had ever heard and laughed aloud for ten minutes without stopping.

Anyway I hope everything goes well for my friends. Thank you all for reading.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yikes Beaucoup Pfeifens!

Hello blog readers - I hope you are doing well and in a good state of mind these days. My friend Franz called me the other night to a dance at the Zeus Club (I am not sure the exact name) and Derren and Teleny were there too. Franz has been making a revolution around the sun in RL and was having a dance to celebrate it.

I have not posted anything for a while since I have been real busy. I think we all get too busy sometimes and need to look at clouds or something. I asked Franz about lightning bugs (or some people say "fire flies") because they are really cool insects that you can catch in the summer. I guess it is not quite summer yet.

A lot the people at the dance had a different brain pattern. My brain pattern theory (and now hold on dear readers for still another theory that will leave a splat on the wall of continuing unnecessary blathering in the great zone of humanity) is that people have different brain patterns at different different points in time. Some brain patterns push people into blowing whistles and going "hoot hoot" or pushing a button that makes them go "hoot hoot".

I guess I must think too much or something. But I like all my friends because they have a flower inside all the stuff they say. I guess when we talk the words really are just a bunch of sounds but the stuff that is underneath the sounds is where all the real value is.

But getting back to lightning bugs, I think that they are probably not so keen on being caught but I like their yellow glow. I don't know why it even came into my mind. I guess everybody's brain patterns are a lot like trees. Some trees grow tall but do not bend much but others' just bend as the wind blows. I guess a lot of different types of trees make a forest or something.

Well anyway dear blog readers, thank you for reading and I hope you are not stressed about stupid stuff because it is not worth it.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chiaroscuro, Brain Castles and the Cranial Theory

My friend Greville Oh invited me up to his house the other night. It was filled with a boatload of red objects since he likes red a lot.  He was putting together a web site of Chiaroscuro and we talked a bit about how humans learn to do new things (like build websites and stuff) along with other seemly important things.

Since it is hard and expensive to build a sim I wanted give this link so all the zillions of readers who read this blog (LOL) can read about Chiaroscuro. It is sort of an odd mix up of different stuff, I am not sure if it fits exactly in a category. But then again most people don't fit in a category anyway.

And now on to another subject.

I am just a normal human and I get stressed about stupid stuff in RL so I was feeling stressed. When you get stressed sometimes you think of crazy stuff and since as many readers of this blog know, crazy stuff is most of this blog. But since these ideas are good new philosophies I think I should bring them to the dinner table of great philosophies. I guess there are a lot of people that have studied philosophy that may say "Rammy - what makes you think you know philosophy since you don't have an advanced degree for a major university?" to which I say "well maybe not but I know that if you eat a blueberry Popsicle your tongue will turn blue."

There are some people in life that build brain castles. This is what happens when humans don't let other humans into their brain, sometimes because they are afraid of something that may happen. I guess it is OK to have brain castles but you should always remember to let the draw bridge down from time to time. True some bad people may get in but if you never let the drawbridge down it is guaranteed that no good people will ever get in and your life will be lonely.

Now philosophy number two - the cranial theory. Actually this should be the "crane-e-all" theory.  If you ever see a new building being built you may say "hey - I wonder how tall this building will be?". All you need to do is look at the crane. The crane would never be taller than the building since that would be a waste. But it would not be shorter since then the building could not be built to its height by the crane. So cranial theory means that you can predict the future with stuff you can see in the present.

Well I hope everyone is doing OK these days and don't let things stress you out. Thank you for reading.

Friday, January 28, 2011

What Goes On Inside the Mind of a Reptile?

Well dear readers I guess I had new philosophical thought the other day. A great cosmic noodle of nonsense hit my brain and that noodle of nonsense (to be known as a NON) stated: "A lot of stuff makes up life, but none of those stuffs by themselves make up a life, it takes a lot of stuffs to make up life."

And now here is the story to explain this. Once there was someone walking down the street in a major city that at the southern tip of a very large country. The person walking saw a car stop in the middle of the road and the driver just started honking the horn. He beeped and beeped and beeped. The person walking thought maybe he was saying hello to someone he saw on the street that he knew or something. Then it turned out there was an iguana in the road and the guy was honking to make it move. Now you may think that when you are an iguana and a large metal object makes a loud noise like that you should run like crazy. But no! The iguana's brain must have been stuck in contemplation mode or something - it just sat there looking up at the car. Finally its iguana brain came to the conclusion "yikes - I've got to run away!" and off it ran, tail up in the air.

The other night I had a good conversation with my friend Leif Ashdene on the SL chat phone. We talked about subjects related to snow. If I had to go on a game show and answer questions about dealing with snow I would probably not win any prizes and the music would end going wah wah waaaah.

But getting back to snow I had an idea that it could be melted with flame throwers and all the snow could be cleared. Leif correctly pointed out that that would be a disaster, it would melt all the cars under the snow. (note to Micheal Bloomberg: do not contract the services of the Rammy Urriah Snow Management Company)

But the point to this is the mind of reptiles. Since I know TV history (I could do good on a game show here) the idea of fire breathing dragons came into my head as I talked to Leif. There were three dragons I could think of from TV and popular music, Kukla, Fran, and Ollie (Ollie was the dragon), Puff the Magic Dragon (really a song not a TV show), and the third dragon (which is technically a sea serpent but since this is my blog I can bend the rules).

Did you ever wonder where the term "propeller head" comes from? That's what they call techie people. I think it comes from this TV show, Beanie and Cecil. You should watch this, it is really wild. I like the part where all the kids spin around and around the TV like it is a magic object and the song goes "come on kids lets flip our lids, higher than the moon". Then their propellers spin off into outer space. It is really trips me out to watch. It is almost like experiencing an alternative reality.

P.S. (I don't think you can say "P.S" in a blog but anyway) Here is a site with more information on this weird cartoon.
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