Thursday, October 20, 2011

We Only Know People In Slices

Once someone told me that he thought people all live in boxes and you only know the side of the box that you can see since you are in a box as well. I guess when you deal with all that x, y, and z stuff you start thinking like a box head.

Once I had an idea for this really cool globe thing that you could wear and it would say "Bad Vibe Shield" and would rotate around you to magically prevent some other person's bad vibes from polluting your inner space. I though maybe some people would pay Lindens for them and give them as gifts and I could have enough money to build a huge shopping mall and be like that monopoly man with the white mustache and the top hat. Then I thought I would just give them away. But I could never make the rotation do what I wanted to and it turned out to be a big goofy thing that didn't work right. I make a lot of things that end up sort of goofy. I never showed it to anyone except once my friend Franz saw it in progress once.

I kept the "Bad Vibe Shield" texture I made and used it to keep people from falling off the edge of a platform I built. It is one of those textures that you can see through.

Anyway I have not written much so I thought I should put some logs on the fire of this blog and say some stuff about knowing people in our minds and about art and anything else that would get a fire glowing in the fireplace in the cosmic blog-o-sphere.

I used to come to SL a lot in the beginning and stay for hours. It really tripped me out to see a virtual reality and to be able to dress up in clothes you can make up and do anything you wanted to. Now I just come for a while and my time schedule is not such that I see many friends any more.  But I keep thinking about knowing people in boxes. I think of it as knowing people in slices. All of the humans who did not make friends died out many years ago since the humans who had the "friend" tendency formed tribes to fight off saber toothed tigers and such. The ones that stayed by themselves did not last so long. Thus the Rammy Urriah theory. But I don't think we ever really know people all the way, just a slice of them.

Now for more of the "slice" theory. Sometimes when you have a friend who lives away that you only talk to by phone, you only can tell how their life is by the slice they give you when they call. If they call on a bad day and they seem very sad or upset you end up thinking "yikes, X is doing very bad!" (I use the "X" to designate that it could actually be anyone but you dear readers already know that so my putting this stupid comment in the middle is sort of ridiculous - so please ignore this useless comment) Anyway my thinking is that we know people by the sum of their slices, so we hope that the slices we are given are a good representation of the whole.

Well anyway I hope that everyone is doing well and finding life good. This is my slice of me tonight. Thank you for reading.


Leigh Eel said...

It would seem, then, that to better know a people, one should have more slices. In essence, spend more time with them, make more phone calls, etc. You see how they are on a bad day, you see how they are on a good day, you see how they are on a so-so day. The more exposure you get to a person, the better your impression of that person is. It's like the law of averages, sorta. I think. If I understand the law of averages right.

Rammy said...

Rammy thinks: "That Leigh is a pretty smart cookie"

Yep! that's a good point.

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