Sunday, November 28, 2010

Buy, Sell, Eat

Once upon a time (all great stories start that way) there were a bunch of mice that lived in a nice cage owned by evil scientists. They were very happy mice, they just laid around all day, sometimes getting water from the bottle with their little pink mouse tongues licking it out (lick, lick, lick) and running on the wheel (squeak, squeak, squeak - wheel needs some oil) and sleeping in a big pile of mouse bodies. When they sleep all their little bellies go up and down sucking in air and when you look at it looks like a fur ball vibrating. They looked just like that episode from the old Star Trek show where Captain Kirk was covered by tribbles.

Well everything was doing well in the mouse cage except the evil scientists were not happy unless they were conducting experiments. Evil scientists get agitated if they don't do experiments. So they decided to see what would happen if they added more mice to the cage. Well it started out OK except things started to get ugly. Instead of one or two mice licking the water bottle - a whole bunch of little tongues all competed for a lick. As to the wheel, well that was a mess. There were three mice on the wheel at once. Then when one mouse would get tired on the wheel the other two kept going and the tired mouse went round and round upside down. Then there were a bunch of other mice waiting in line for wheel time yelling "hey don't bogart that wheel!!" (these mice used a lot of American slang from underground comic books sometimes)

Well to make the whole story more interesting (or as some critics may say more ridiculous) there was another bunch of mice that the evil scientists wanted to experiment on. They gave them chocolate candy and let them sit around and watch TV all day. The mice liked to watch Tom and Jerry cartoons because it made the mice feel superior. Cats generally don't care for Tom and Jerry cartoons particularly because it shows cats in a bad light. In fact cats generally don't care for TV anyway, with the exception of Mr. Ed the talking horse re-runs and the Charlie Brown Christmas Special. But I digress.

There really isn't much point to this whole story. I just thought it would be cool to make myself look real fat and take a picture of myself. Sometimes I wonder what it would feel like to be in another body. There was an episode of the cartoon TV show The Jetsons  where the wife went to the beauty parlor and instead of getting a new hair style she just popped on a new head. At least I think that is what I remembered seeing. I think I must have to have my head examined for remembering something goofy like that. Well anyway I thing I am going to conclude this big mess by saying I think the lesson is that we should learn is not be mice in a cage, no matter if we are the mice in cage number one that is too crowded or the mice in cage number two that sit around watching TV and eating candy. Thank you all for reading and please be happy.
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