Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yikes Beaucoup Pfeifens!

Hello blog readers - I hope you are doing well and in a good state of mind these days. My friend Franz called me the other night to a dance at the Zeus Club (I am not sure the exact name) and Derren and Teleny were there too. Franz has been making a revolution around the sun in RL and was having a dance to celebrate it.

I have not posted anything for a while since I have been real busy. I think we all get too busy sometimes and need to look at clouds or something. I asked Franz about lightning bugs (or some people say "fire flies") because they are really cool insects that you can catch in the summer. I guess it is not quite summer yet.

A lot the people at the dance had a different brain pattern. My brain pattern theory (and now hold on dear readers for still another theory that will leave a splat on the wall of continuing unnecessary blathering in the great zone of humanity) is that people have different brain patterns at different different points in time. Some brain patterns push people into blowing whistles and going "hoot hoot" or pushing a button that makes them go "hoot hoot".

I guess I must think too much or something. But I like all my friends because they have a flower inside all the stuff they say. I guess when we talk the words really are just a bunch of sounds but the stuff that is underneath the sounds is where all the real value is.

But getting back to lightning bugs, I think that they are probably not so keen on being caught but I like their yellow glow. I don't know why it even came into my mind. I guess everybody's brain patterns are a lot like trees. Some trees grow tall but do not bend much but others' just bend as the wind blows. I guess a lot of different types of trees make a forest or something.

Well anyway dear blog readers, thank you for reading and I hope you are not stressed about stupid stuff because it is not worth it.
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