Sunday, January 18, 2009

Sofa Talking

I took this picture of Leigh and I not really doing much. I guess I like it because sometimes it is good not to try to do too much. It seems like sometimes you really can't plan what is going to happen in your life - you just do stuff, eat and breath and before you know it things happen to you.

Later we went to a sim that was based on the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. I didn't know all the details of the book since I never read it so I pretended I sort of knew what it was about but well, I was faking it. Leigh would never say "Rammy you nit-wit you don't know C.S. Lewis!" or anything like that. Some people are so smart about something and think everyone should know about it or else they are just a loser. It is almost like they know something and it is power.

Then I started thinking about negative energy. There are so many people that have a sort of passive negative energy. It bubbles out in strange forms. They just throw it out but it sounds like angry kids who hate their dysfunctional parents. Some days in both RL and SL you get a storm of negative energy. But it clears up after a while. I guess I need to remember that. Well if anyone has a bunch of bad energy swishing around their world just remember that it comes and goes. Well enough of that.

None of my friends have big egos - I think it why I like them all. I started to think about why men have such egos for some reason. I guess it common with, shall we say, the more traditional macho male stereotype. Then I came up with this really great theory. The ego is just a way to get males to go out and do the crazy work of slaying wild animals and killing off other tribes. It was necessary to have these males for the good of the society and its security.
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