Thursday, October 27, 2011

Zombies Are Everywhere

I met with my friend Franz last night and he wrote about the ZOMBIES!!!  We were at a place that I am not sure was officially opened for Halloween but that's OK. He gave me a "ahh!" animation and I put it on and took this picture but it was hard to get all the action to happen at the same time. In this place these people with bloody teeth and hands that stick out move close to you and want something from you but you don't know what.

Sometimes I get mad at stuff and think that many people in the world are just zombies, moving along with out thinking about anything, just watching stupid stuff on television. In fact all television is is just a bunch of advertisements that say "buy this" or "do that". But people still watch it. Once I saw a movie called The Manchurian Candidate, a suspense thriller about an attempt to assassinate a factious president of the United States. The really freaky thing about this movie is that it was made right before President Kennedy got shot. But what was really good was that someone actually wrote a script, not just hired a bunch of nerdy techies to do a lot of gratuitous explosions that light up the screen with sonic rumbles that you can feel through the floor causing you to spill your drink and make your popcorn fly up in the air in a eruption of fake butter yellow coated particles.

Anyway if you get a chance to see this movie you should. (I guess I am giving movie reviews now!) But the line I always remember is: "the human race is divided into two distinct and irreconcilable groups: those that walk into rooms and automatically turn television sets on, and those that walk into rooms and automatically turn them off." Unfortunately the turn on segment is rapidly outnumbering the turn off segment.

 Oh well so much for my opinions. But if you have your TV set turned off you are on the road to nirvana in my mind. Thanks for reading.
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