Saturday, June 12, 2010

Old and New

Hello blog readers, I will probably not post for a bit due to RL adventures, but I wanted to talk about what I did last night. Last night I had a conversation with two friends, one new Teleny Macarthur, and one old Franziskus Ninetails. Whenever you have conversations with friends you take little bits and put them into the pot of soup you are making in your life.

Well anyway we were talking about stuff that really wasn't so important that it would solve all the worlds problems or anything like that. I had this idea that I should have an evil twin, and I would call him "Spammy Urriah". That's because I think the people who send out spam are evil. I think it is good to have an evil twin because when you do something bad it is good to have someone else to blame it on. If there is a really good looking cake in the refrigerator and you want to eat a piece but it is for a party then you can blame the mystery of why a piece is missing on the evil twin. Evil twins are good for all kinds of purposes.

But then Teleny and Franz started coming up with other names for my new evil twin. Teleny said he could be very heavy = Hammy Urriah. Franz said a singer = Grammy Urriah. This picture was taken by Cammy Urriah. This picture is just plain terrible. It is so bad that it should be used in classes for people in picture taking classes to learn what NOT to do. First of all the angle makes Franz look like he has super long legs! Then we are talking but all looking away from each other - out into space.

But despite my bad picture taking (I like to have a picture because if I didn't put any pictures in my blog you may think I was making all of this up) I had a nice visit. I ended up with some new crazy theories after our conversation. Number one is that doing nothing but talking can be more than doing lots of stuff but not taking in. It is good to talk to friends because they make you feel good and you make them feel good. I don't exactly understand all the science of why that is but it works. I am glad I have friends because they sort of go into my head and I am glad they are there. I was thinking there should be a theory number two but I think one theory is enough since I sort of am going off the deep end again. Maybe theory number two should be that it is important to be a good guest in other people's minds as they are in your mind.

Well if you are not my friend but are just came across my blog via some odd search, I am going to give you an invitation into my mind, so please come in. But if you are my friend then I give you a big welcome hug. Poor Franz seemed very tired last night, I hope he feels better soon. Well anyway thank you all for reading.
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