Thursday, September 10, 2009

Things you think are important are NOT

Well blog readers you are probably used to posts that are filled with goof ball philosophy. And now to continue in that fine tradition is even more goof ball philosophy. Here is my new theory.

The things you think are very important now and are stressing you out will 100% guarantee NOT be important after a length of time. Here is how I will prove this theory. Think of something that stresses you out today. It can be anything. OK now think about all the stress that is driving you crazy about it. Now visualize that stress as a blob of ugly color. Now ask yourself:

Will this still be stressing me out:
  1. ten minutes from now? - probably yes
  2. an hour from now? - probably yes too
  3. tomorrow? - more than likely but not as much mainly because the burn out from it has toned it down
  4. next week? - yeah probably still some
  5. next month? - not so much
  6. next year? - still think about it but new things take its place now
  7. in ten years? - oh yeah I still remember that
  8. in twenty years? - I have to think to remember it now
  9. in 50 years? - I either vaguely remember or I am dead and don't care
  10. in 1000 years? - is my life on earth that important that it even matters to anyone?
  11. in a million years? - what?????
  12. in a billion years? - what what what???? of course it is ridiculous that the event even existed
OK now I have proved to you that it is not worth being stressed out about ANYTHING. Now you don't have to get all uptight and upset anymore because it has been proven using the Rammy scientific proof system that you don't ever need to be stressed out again.

On another note I visited a cool robot museum the other day and took a picture.
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