Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friends I Have

One of my oldest friends in SL is Franziskus Ninetails. I met him when I first came to SL and we both learned a lot of stuff together. A few months ago I was at the house in Phoenix in Flames I saw that he was in world. I looked at the mini-map and I thought I saw a single green dot. I thought to myself "Franz must be alone in the sky house, I should go up and say hello to him." But I must not have seen the map correctly because he was with Kenshi. I would not have gone if I had seen that second dot but they were close together, I thought it was just Franz by himself. Franz was not happy that I came up there. I felt bad because I did not mean to interrupt. Franz said it was just like what someone else did to him and was mad. I felt upset because I was not trying to be like that other person.

Franz had given me a lot of "keys" to the property. I was very worried he would say "Rammy I want you to give back all your permissions." I thought the best thing to do is to give them all back and go away. That way Franz would know I could never interrupt again like that other person did. Also I would not have to worry about a confrontation. I don't like confrontations.

Well readers sometimes you do things that other people think are strange. I don't think I am always the smartest person in the world or anything, but I thought I should go and find new friends and new adventures and stuff. I thought that I will go away from Franz for a while, but maybe talk to him later.

The past few days I decided I should call him. So tonight I decided I will call. But then the weirdest thing happened. He called me. When I saw his name show up on the chat box it was eerie. So we talked some. I had to go out in RL and could not talk long or go and see him in person. So I will see him soon when I come back in world.

Having friends is a good thing but sometimes our relationships with friends are complicated. I must have a zillion friends but they don't light up on my list anymore. I think they may either have stop coming to SL or have turned my check box with the eye ball off. I think that maybe they met me once and decided they didn't want to be my friend anymore. Or maybe they forgot who I was or something. Well that's all for tonight.
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