Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Earthquakes, Snow and the Nerdy Fairy Look

I don't really have anything important to post tonight. I met someone named Alexx Babii and we chatted a bit. He read my previous posting on the theater and gave me some links to some things I should look at. We also chatted a bit about the recent snow in his RL world. Later DeliciousDemon Chemistry came by and talked. Before I left I threw a conceptual snowball at Spanki to see how he was. I also got an IM from Rico - hi Rico - hope you are reading this.

Well now to the inchoate contemplations of my wayward mind as they appear in the fecund sod of my sub-consciousness. Rather than choose to create myself as a gorgeous hunk oozing in popularity and good looks, I decided to make myself a nerdy fairy tonight. Don't ask me what possessed me to go this route. I even added some studious glasses along with my knee socked tennis shoe shod outfit. It is very liberating to not be some ideal or cannon of perfection but to be made of fascinating nuances. That's good because I can look any way I want to.

Now to the big prediction. I am hoping everyone in California is ready just in case a big earthquake hits. You never can tell and it is good to be ready. There have been a lot of volcanoes and earthquakes in many places lately.
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