Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cellar Doors and Ball Peen Hammers

Well readers you may wonder why in the world did I choose "Cellar Doors and Ball Peen Hammers" as the title. Well let me tell you the story.

Leigh and I went to see Burning Man in SL and he suggested this writers party for people who write and love literature. I was almost too embarrassed open my mouth because everybody sounded so smart. I was afraid I would say something dumb and people would think I was running for US Vice President or something.

Then somebody said something about "hula" or something and I remembered I had a cool hula hoop. I started giving them to everybody. Then Leigh remembered he had a pogo stick and started giving out them. Before long people started to pogo AND hula! It was sort of funny to see a very literate group of probably college professors and serious writers all pogo-ing and hula-ing while talking about DH Lawrence and Virgina Wolfe.

For some reason (I can't remember why now) Leigh said something about a "ball peen hammer". Those are those hammers with a round ball head. I like the sound of the word - ball peen hammer. Then he said a writer mentioned the word cellar door as a word that had a nice sound. So I guess that's all I can remember .
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