Tuesday, August 16, 2011

An Advertisement for My Friend Franz

Last night I visited my friend Franziskus Ninetails (who is a famous celebrity in SL) and he was telling me about his houses that he has built and are at his store. Here is the place to go to find them. You should go there if you want a house with a medieval flair, the prices are quite reasonable.

I took a picture of one of the houses that was rezzed by the rezzing machine. Here we are looking at it.

Last night I was feeling sort of lost in RL and SL so I just wondered around sending IMs to people who I had not spoken to for a long time. I guess we all feel lost in the universe from time to time. We humans are interesting animals. We are hard wired to be social with each other since the humans who did not form communities were eaten by saber-toothed tigers many years ago.

I told my friend Franz that I will put a link to his store on my blog that zillions of people read. (LOL) This next part may seem to have nothing to do with this post but it does. I really hate when people throw chewed up chewing gum on the street or parking lot. When you step in it it sticks to your shoe and you say &*%#@! chewing gum! - what sort of stupid jerk threw it out like this!!! Sometimes in life stuff is just like that chewing gum, it sticks to your mind.  Chewing gum on the shoe is not a good thing but the metaphor is. Sometimes things stick to us. But not in a bad way like chewing gum, but just in a way. I often wonder as we go through life if there is a cosmic chewing gum on the shoe system that we meet people in our lives.

Well anyway I should have thought this crazy post through more before I typed it in. But the nice things about posts that are not thought out is that you can see the person who typed it in better. Thank you for reading.
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