Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Hate Spiders

Today I thought I would dress up in a scuba suit and wander around. Here I am at the Star Trek Museum. You may wonder why I am wearing scuba gear. Well to be honest I really don't know. It just seemed like a cool idea. I started wondering around SL in scuba gear to see if any one would say "Hey - what's the big idea? Why are you wearing scuba gear?" But no one did. I guess most people have more important things to think about than why some crack pot is wearing a scuba outfit.

Anyway I was talking to my friend Kyne Tigerpaw tonight. We started talking about spiders. I really hate spiders. They creep me out. They have creepy legs and actually have eight or more eyes. What a weird creature to have eyes all over its body!

I have always hated spiders. I think it goes back to when I was a little boy and had these really cool cardboard people that made up a family. It was some stupid thing that they gave away at the gas station for kids to play with. There was a father, mother, brother, and sister. I think there was a cardboard dog too, I can't remember. But then I remember all of a sudden a creepy black spider was crawling on the side of one of the cardboard family. I was freaked out.

Even though I don't like them, here is some stuff that I read in researching this post. I must be nuts to get so obsessed with them.

But my point is that I had this cardboard family that even though it was not real it was a real family to me. And the family was attacked (well not really "attacked" more like crawled over) by a spider. But I guess I must have been really freaked out because the cardboard family did seem real to me, and it was sort of a reality that was violated or something. I think this may be a post that no one will write a comment on since sounds sort of weird. Well anyway thanks for reading.
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