Friday, July 16, 2010

A Bunch of Stuff and a Piano

I guess this post is going to be a rambling mess. When you are in school you are supposed to have an introduction paragraph, then expand on that, then a concluding paragraph. I guess this post is not really going to have a beginning at all but just fall into the inner thoughts of Rammy Urriah just like a wild ride at the carnival.

Anyway I was wondering who Eddi Haskell is. He is a very famous person in SL. When I first heard the name I thought he was a griefer since it was sort of a menacing sounding name. The guy on Leave It to Beaver was sort of the wise guy who was always sort of mean in a way. But the SL person is a photographer and takes pictures. That made me think of how bad my picture taking is. (see last post for evidence) I guess I don't know how to think in a square or something. When you have a coloring book you are supposed to color in the lines to make the picture look good. But if you are coloring and want to add some new objects, it never looks right since raw crayon is not part of the way the scene was intended by the multi-national coloring book industry.

When I was a kid there were some other kids who would NEVER let any person color a page in their coloring book since they wanted to have full control of that tome of illuminated manuscript master work. The kids that wanted the perfect coloring book (a coloring book that was perfect in every way) grew up to adults. They are all around us, and appear on TV talk shows as "experts". By the way, I wonder how they make money? I guess they are "professional experts" who are paid big bucks by the international coloring book control freak conspiracy.

Anyway back to Eddi Haskell. He has an art gallery that I am going to give an an advertisement for. You should go there if need something, and the prices are quite reasonable. I thought that maybe I would meet him there but he wasn't there at the time. There was a piano so I slipped on a tux and played and took a picture. This is a good picture because I didn't just snap like like I was buzzing a buzzer on one of those game shows where you can win a new refrigerator or a trip to Hollywood to meet a star who would be making milk shakes in Wisconsin except that he or she is a star.

I am worried that all the friends on my list are going away. It sort of makes me sad. I have lots of friends that go away that I never see anymore. I must be kind of crazy I guess, but it makes me feel as though we are just in a bus station in life, we sit, talk to others, but when our bus arrives, we leave and never see the people in the waiting room again. I guess that's a sad way to look at things. I keep meeting new people all the time but want to hold on to the old friends too.

Anyway thank you for reading.
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