Saturday, November 21, 2009

Sometimes We Need a New Head

Well Blog readers I was not very good about posting last week. So I decided I needed to post to provide the therapeutic catharsis it can bring. Wow - I really like the sound of that - "therapeutic catharsis" - I'm not sure if that is a real term - it sounds like one - but maybe I just made it up and am thinking it is a real term. Anyway that is far too much to type so going forward I will refer to this as "TC". Well earlier I met up with Andrej Petlyakov who I have not seen for a long time. I guess he has been dealing with a lot of stuff to keep him from goofing off in SL, I can understand that. I took a picture, here it is to the left.

Also this week I met a cool new friend, Leif Ashdene. I was at some neko place and saw his profile, which sounded interesting, so I said hello - or something or other like that. He is really very smart and interesting. So we exchanged friend stuff. I started facebook but I am not sure I like it. I get a lot of requests from people to be my friend but I don't know who they are. I am sure they may be nice people (or maybe robots?) but I don't know if you can be friends with someone you don't know. It is like collecting a bag of marbles, some people have a big bag, but it is better to have a small bag with a lot of cool swirlies and glassies. (that is marble talk)

Now I am going to tie the term "TC" and neko together. Ready? I always remember cartoon cats were never the good guy. Like Sylvester and Jerry. They would get smashed up or blown up or some how hurt. A long time ago I was talking to Dougg Eebus (who must have disappeared) and he pointed it out. I do remember one cartoon, Top Cat, where the cats were the good guys. The other cats called him TC.

Now I am going to tie Andrej to the human head. Yes this is just like the circus or a magic act! "How will he do that?" you may wonder. Well I was really thinking I needed some new hair. (not really a new head but sort of) Last year Andrej found a Star Trek sim. I wrote about it here. I think the reason the old Star Trek was so popular was that our minds are just like the bridge of the Star Trek Enterprise. We want to be logical like Mr. Spock but we can't be because our emotions drive also. It is just like those little boats that go around and around in a circle at the amusment parks, you know the ones that little kids ride on. Not the "super scary throw up your cotton candy" ones, just the ones that go slowly around in a circle. Each seat has a steering wheel in it. That's because when you are a little kid you want to drive the boat, or car, or whatever. So we all have a bunch of steering wheels in our minds and they all steer. But you know the really odd thing is that all of these steering wheels are just for looks - they don't steer anything.

I'll have to think on this some more. Please take care dear readers and thank you for visiting.
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