Sunday, January 25, 2009

KAR 120C Where Are You?

The Globe. I guess a certain theatrical flair shows up in this image. Leigh and I stand looking like something from a lost play by Bill himself.

I was not sure what I wanted to write about tonight but then I thought I should just start and thoughts will come. Sometimes when I chat I start to talk but then I say "oh that's not really what I mean to say" then I take it back, then I put it back out again, then take it back, and so on. I guess that's just normal. That's why writing a blog allows you to write, re-write, delete and re-write again.

I'm not sure theater in SL will really work so well. You would have to animate all the actors moves ahead of time and if you do that it is not acting. I think acting is when you watch and are just a little bit nervous that the actor will make a mistake. And I'll bet the actors are nervous too. If they will mess up their lines or sound bad. But that fear of mistakes or something uncontrollable that could happen reminds us what real life is like. Maybe that is why we like to watch a live play. I think if the animations are automated it would be just like watching a movie and would not be so interesting.

I wonder if I would be a good play actor? I'll bet the actors who do it for a long time get used to the experience. I wonder why humans invented acting in the first place? I think a good theater troupe would be very close so they give each other sort of psychic support energy during the play. I'll bet acting is fun.

Well I don't usually put these TV links in my blog, but for some reason this TV show reminds me of Second Life. I am not going to say anything about it though.

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