Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Art at Verlaine by Leigh Eel

What a mess tonight started out as! People I know were very upset about stuff. I won't go into details - but I will say that I hope they don't stay unhappy because life is short and I don't like people to be unhappy.
Then I decided to wander around and look at art. I went back to see Leigh Eel's show at Verlaine to get a better understanding of his work. I would recommend a visit if you are able to spend the time to look deeply into it.

What you need to do is stand in front of each work and zoom in. That way you can see all the details. The drawings are mysterious so I read each note card to see if I could understand more. I decided artists' explanations of their work are only good for raising even more questions, so don't look to note cards for answers but look to them to embellish the mystery and provoke even deeper pondering.

All of these are very personal drawings and it is just like looking at someone's private notebook. I think that is one of the things I like about them. Sometimes when you look at art it looks like a lot of wowie zowie sort of stuff. Don't get me wrong - wowie zowie is fun too - but it is good to see the insides of people who are willing to share it.

So I hope all who can will take a look at this before it leaves.

Someone I Should Talk About

Last night I saw Dougg Eebus and we talked and talked. Let me tell you about Dougg.
Well dear readers, I took a picture but it came out sort of bad, you can't really see Dougg too well - so I will take another picture later to show him to you.

Anyway Dougg likes to look like a small cat, so Franz named him the kitty. Well sometimes I call him Kitty as a nickname. Some people in SL are 7 or 8 feet tall but Kitty likes to be small because that is the character he likes to be.

At first I though he was bored with me because he is so quiet but then I learned that is just part of his nature. I think everyone has something to say and offer, and it is deep inside of them. That is one thing that I have tried to learn.
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