Saturday, September 24, 2011

Where Are We In the Cosmos?

There. How's that for a wild post title? You know what I really hate are people who say stupid stuff in group IM's and blast them out to all group members. Some of those group members may be doing something important such as clipping their toenails and do not want to hear that blabbing. OK I know that sometimes I say stuff that is stupid in an open chat at a party (but not in a group IM) and then after I think about it I say to myself "eek! that was not a good thing to say" but alas, as in RL, if we never said stuff, be it goofy or not, we would live in a land of people with tape over their mouths. If you are a school teacher you may want to put tape over kid's mouths but I think that is against the law.

I haven't posted for a while, but then again I really had nothing worthwhile to say. I have taken a picture of me outside my house standing next to pinky the flamingo. The house is sort of odd in that it is rather goth and I am not really a goth person but it was what was here and it is very nice. There are skeleton heads over the windows.

Now this part of the post is about stuff that may not be of any great importance to your life but here it is anyway. Do you know that if the normal life expectancy is, say 77, that means:

77 years times 365 = we will may see 28,105 sunrises.

(Of course if you sleep until noon this theory is thrown out the window!) I guess that also means 28,105 sunsets too. If it is rainy then I guess there are not that many. I guess the bottom line is that stupid stuff that happens in the middle of the day is not very important. Maybe I should find some group I belong to and paste all these goofy thoughts in and blast them out. Don't worry I won't do that, I do have class with a capital K. (That's from a Cab Calloway song)

I hope everyone is doing well and that you are enjoying your 28,105 sunrises and sunsets. Thank you for reading.
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