Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Mad Beyond Words!!!!

I am really mad. I am so mad that I am going to sound like some sort of volcano blogger that just vents and spits out like a grouch pot. (I am not sure what a "grouch pot" is - but it sounds like how I feel)

I was editing something in Second Life and the ^$#@~'s that came out with the computer interface who obviously are are a pack of nit-wit zombies who either don't understand appropriate human computer interface or are just in need to collect a fat paycheck to afford their overpriced San Francisco hill shacks don't understand the value of undo. I somehow (accidentally) deleted something elaborate that I was working on and there is no logical "undo" of a deletion. Yes I know there is a "control-z" but it is poorly implemented and may or may not restore. It is no wonder why people who are creative are abandoning this platform like air from a tire on a bicycle that just ran over a nail.

Why is is that in most standard computer interfaces when you want to undo something you can? Is it that we as are supposed to feel the "user" is simply not as "smart" as the people who are the brilliant computer genius engineers who wrote the *&*#^! software!

At this point I am not sure I even care any more. I am so &@^#*ing mad that I don't want to every create anything. Maybe this is why creative people are losing interest in Second Life. I hope some Linden god reads this!

Well don't worry dear readers, I will cool down in a few minutes. I am not really a hot-head by nature. But I am so mad now that I am thinking that I perhaps had better not post this. But wait a minute, why not? (as you can tell dear readers your poster is not afraid of voicing an opinion) OK here is this post.
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