Sunday, February 20, 2011

Chiaroscuro, Brain Castles and the Cranial Theory

My friend Greville Oh invited me up to his house the other night. It was filled with a boatload of red objects since he likes red a lot.  He was putting together a web site of Chiaroscuro and we talked a bit about how humans learn to do new things (like build websites and stuff) along with other seemly important things.

Since it is hard and expensive to build a sim I wanted give this link so all the zillions of readers who read this blog (LOL) can read about Chiaroscuro. It is sort of an odd mix up of different stuff, I am not sure if it fits exactly in a category. But then again most people don't fit in a category anyway.

And now on to another subject.

I am just a normal human and I get stressed about stupid stuff in RL so I was feeling stressed. When you get stressed sometimes you think of crazy stuff and since as many readers of this blog know, crazy stuff is most of this blog. But since these ideas are good new philosophies I think I should bring them to the dinner table of great philosophies. I guess there are a lot of people that have studied philosophy that may say "Rammy - what makes you think you know philosophy since you don't have an advanced degree for a major university?" to which I say "well maybe not but I know that if you eat a blueberry Popsicle your tongue will turn blue."

There are some people in life that build brain castles. This is what happens when humans don't let other humans into their brain, sometimes because they are afraid of something that may happen. I guess it is OK to have brain castles but you should always remember to let the draw bridge down from time to time. True some bad people may get in but if you never let the drawbridge down it is guaranteed that no good people will ever get in and your life will be lonely.

Now philosophy number two - the cranial theory. Actually this should be the "crane-e-all" theory.  If you ever see a new building being built you may say "hey - I wonder how tall this building will be?". All you need to do is look at the crane. The crane would never be taller than the building since that would be a waste. But it would not be shorter since then the building could not be built to its height by the crane. So cranial theory means that you can predict the future with stuff you can see in the present.

Well I hope everyone is doing OK these days and don't let things stress you out. Thank you for reading.
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