Friday, March 26, 2010

A Conversation With Visitors

I have been busy but there are times when one must simply stop and talk with visitors when they stop by. Two interesting people stopped over. Since they are famous I can't reveal their names so I will have to just refer to them as SP and TheP. When you are on television news a lot it is important to just slow down and take a deep breath and try to get real. Sometimes we see people on TV and make opinions about stuff but I think all those news talk show people just like to push our buttons to make us mad so we will buy a lot of garbage that they are always selling on TV. I don't think they really want to tell us the real news.

I saved the chat from SL so I can bring it to you. Here it is:

[2010/03/25 15:31] Rammy Urriah: Oh Hi SP! What's up? - hope you are well.
[2010/03/25 15:31] SP: Hi Rammy I've just been running around talking about stuff. It is really a lot of fun being in the spot light these days.
[2010/03/25 15:31] Rammy Urriah: I am not so sure I would like to be in the spotlight. I would be scared I would say the wrong thing sometimes and come across mean when I really don't want to be.
[2010/03/25 15:32] SP: Well I can't understand why anyone would think that.
[2010/03/25 15:32] Rammy Urriah: Well I mean all the stuff that all you political people say - I mean don't you ever feel bad about dividing people up?
[2010/03/25 15:32] SP: Rammy you must remember we need to get a message out, we need to be sure get our voice out into the world.
[2010/03/25 15:33] Rammy Urriah: I guess everyone wants to say what is in their mind and all but I think it is good to not do all the talking.
[2010/03/25 15:34] SP: Maybe....
[2010/03/25 15:34] Rammy Urriah: SP - I want to introduce my friend TheP.
[2010/03/25 15:34] SP: Glad to meet you.
[2010/03/25 15:34] TheP: Good to meet you.
[2010/03/25 15:34] SP reads profile of TheP
[2010/03/25 15:34] SP: I see you have been in SL for quite a while.
[2010/03/25 15:35] TheP: Yes but I have not had much time here due to some complaints people have had about some of my groups.
[2010/03/25 15:35] Rammy Urriah: What do you mean?
[2010/03/25 15:36] TheP: Some people in my groups have been accused of stuff that we don't like to talk about.
[2010/03/25 15:36] Rammy Urriah: It must be real hard when you can never talk about certain things
[2010/03/25 15:36] TheP: That is part of our RP in our sim. We are not supposed to think about certain things so it gets bottled up.
[2010/03/25 15:37] Rammy Urriah: I guess if that is the RP you want to do its OK but I know it is really better to just be honest with stuff.
[2010/03/25 15:38] TheP: it is just the way we are in our group. maybe you would be interested in joining.
[2010/03/25 15:39] Rammy Urriah: I think you have a very nice sim but I am not sure I would be right for it. But thank you very much for inviting me.
[2010/03/25 15:40] TheP: ur wc
[2010/03/25 15:40] Rammy Urriah: Yikes it is getting late. I am so glad both of you stopped over. But I must be going.
[2010/03/25 15:40] SP: I am glad we did, it is always good to get off the soapbox from time to time - LOL
[2010/03/25 15:40] TheP: Good to see you again my friend. Please take care and have a pleasant night's sleep.
[2010/03/25 15:40] SP: Nite Rammy.
[2010/03/25 15:40] Rammy Urriah: Good night to both of you. I am glad you are both my friends. I know that you are both nice people but sometimes it is easy to sound mean when you don't to mean to. Good night and thanks for stopping over.

Well dear blog readers it was late so I need to go to bed. You know it is so easy to get worked up about stuff when you watch TV and people say things that make you mad. But I think that just because sometimes people take themselves too seriously doesn't mean we have to too.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Judi Dench and Lunch Boxes

I can hardly wait for the new movie called Ikea staring Judi Dench. Franz was even talking about it. I like her a lot and I hope she reads this and hope she doesn't think some of her fans have a few screws loose despite being a bit eccentric.

Well on to a story. Once in an American school there was a boy who came from Germany. His mother made him sardine sandwiches with butter on pumpernickel bread neatly wrapped in aluminum foil. The other kids thought it was interesting but they did not think it was necessarily a bad thing and they did not make fun of him or anything like that - they just thought it was interesting. They had a lot of trashy food that their mothers bought because it was advertised on TV. And because it was on TV it must have been what the kids wanted because all reality is TV after all.

All the kids had lunch boxes and when you opened them up they smelled like sour milk and metal. They had been impregnated by the foul oder of rotting food as it traveled from kitchen to school lunch room and back again.

But now to the point of the story. But before we get to the point let me tell you an idea I had. I was going to make lunch boxes to sell on second life. They would be blank and you just put a picture of what ever you wanted on them. They would have little handles and all that stuff.

But now back to the point of the story. All of the kids had chosen lunch boxes to represent who they thought they were. Some kids liked real stuff like westerns and real people TV shows. Some liked cartoons. But the most important feature of any lunch box is to have the picture go all the way around. That means when you look at the side of the box the picture would be of something and the same picture would wrap around until it came to where you started, but there was NO end - the picture was just a continuous picture. You could go around and around and around forever. But that is not the point to this story.

The real point is that the lunch boxes were avatars.
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