Monday, July 7, 2008

Big Cruise Ship

People sure do like to build things that remind them of things they like in RL. Yesterday I was at a dance for an art exhibit on a cruise ship. I took a picture of Franz and I talking on a deck so you can see how big it is. At the dance I asked people who may have known more about the ship if this was the Titantic but they laughed and said no. But I am so embarrassed - I forgot to take my reporter's notebook and forgot to write down all the important stuff. I forgot to even write down the name of the artist, I think her name was Gracie something. Well I will just have to go back to get the facts.

Since I started this blog I find that I like to write about things people do and build and behave. And I like to write about the stuff people make up in their head and then make it exhist so other people can look at it. It is so cool to just walk up to artists and talk to them. Sometimes artists are famous but I think a lot of them tell you stuff about what they did if you just walk up to them and start asking.

Well I have learned a lesson Dear Readers, from now on I am going to try to take notes better. Well let me close now and send my best wishes to all.
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