Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hookah Talking

Smoking is not good for your health but it is OK if you are just smoking from a magic hookah. That's my rule. Ricardito, Leigh, Del, and I smoked from a magic hookah and talked about a bunch of stuff last night. Rico (with orange wings) was very upset about some evil people who from RL who he had to deal with.

You know readers, I have a theory. No job would be bad if it were not for screwed up uptight you know whats that are always out there. I will refer to them as "*&^%" and you can put the word you want in there to describe them. *&^%'s are always ending up in what would otherwise be good places to work. If it were not for *&^%'s a job would be great, we would go in, get our tasks done, and go home and generally live a reasonable life.

BUT NO! There is a least one or two *&^%'s in every job and the only thing they do is just make the whole work system a screwed up environment. There are at least two, and some places that are really messed up have 3 or 4 or more *&^%'s! The real problem with *&^%'s is that they haven't got a clue how screwed up they really are. They just march around making otherwise reasonable people anoyed.

So here is my solution. When one of your *&^%'s starts talking to you in RL just imagine smoking from the magic hookah. Then stare close at their face. It will start to turn into a prune then it will have multi rays of rainbow light shining from the ears and eyes. Study the flow of the colors and shapes. Then they will say "Hey did you hear me" just say that Rammy said I should look into your mind and watch and there is no need to listen right now. They may say "Who is Rammy?" Tell them to come here because I'm not afraid of them! Sounds like a good approach. Just think if everyone did this the brains of all the *&^%'s would explode and the world would be free.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Friends I Have

One of my oldest friends in SL is Franziskus Ninetails. I met him when I first came to SL and we both learned a lot of stuff together. A few months ago I was at the house in Phoenix in Flames I saw that he was in world. I looked at the mini-map and I thought I saw a single green dot. I thought to myself "Franz must be alone in the sky house, I should go up and say hello to him." But I must not have seen the map correctly because he was with Kenshi. I would not have gone if I had seen that second dot but they were close together, I thought it was just Franz by himself. Franz was not happy that I came up there. I felt bad because I did not mean to interrupt. Franz said it was just like what someone else did to him and was mad. I felt upset because I was not trying to be like that other person.

Franz had given me a lot of "keys" to the property. I was very worried he would say "Rammy I want you to give back all your permissions." I thought the best thing to do is to give them all back and go away. That way Franz would know I could never interrupt again like that other person did. Also I would not have to worry about a confrontation. I don't like confrontations.

Well readers sometimes you do things that other people think are strange. I don't think I am always the smartest person in the world or anything, but I thought I should go and find new friends and new adventures and stuff. I thought that I will go away from Franz for a while, but maybe talk to him later.

The past few days I decided I should call him. So tonight I decided I will call. But then the weirdest thing happened. He called me. When I saw his name show up on the chat box it was eerie. So we talked some. I had to go out in RL and could not talk long or go and see him in person. So I will see him soon when I come back in world.

Having friends is a good thing but sometimes our relationships with friends are complicated. I must have a zillion friends but they don't light up on my list anymore. I think they may either have stop coming to SL or have turned my check box with the eye ball off. I think that maybe they met me once and decided they didn't want to be my friend anymore. Or maybe they forgot who I was or something. Well that's all for tonight.

Monday, April 6, 2009


I started out coming in world at my friend Andy's (Andrzej Eberhardt) new place. I am glad he is not so worried and on edge as he was a week ago. I helped Andy put in a new radio for his land and I am glad he picked a really cool station. It sounded like a station that could be comfortable playing opera and rock right next to each other. He said I could build something in the sky if I wanted but I don't want to take too many prims. I am thinking I should build a sky meditation house where you can go to relax. I have an idea that you would be surrounded by soothing colors or something. But since I was building it from scratch I can make it low prim. Maybe I could sell them - but I would just charge a little because I don't want to be a money pig or anything. Then he went to cook dinner and I went over to visit my friend Alexx.

Alexx and I talked about a lot of stuff. He is very knowledgeable about theater. Here we are relaxing with my wings crushed against his chest. I don't know much other than it is fun to see a play. But he has studied theater and knows a lot about it. He talked about something called Phantasia which was sort of an aesthetic consciousness. He said we are endowing our avatars with our own Phantasia when we communicate to each other. He said even though it is irrational to get excited by pixels yet we are because there is feed back. It was a lot of stuff to think about.

But last night a really weird thing happened. Allex was visiting Italy and I had previously had a premonition of an earthquake. But don't worry readers I am sure he is OK. Well it was certainly a weird coincidence.
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