Friday, October 3, 2008

Cleaning Out and More

I forgot to take a picture last night but I found an old one to put it tonight's blog. It is of me playing the piano. I got a freebie shirt and it says "Star" on it. Once I was wearing it and a person I didn't know walked up to me and just said "Hey take that shirt off - you ain't no star!". That was rather mean to just walk up to someone and tell them to take their shirt off like that. But I think he was just joking because he said "LOL" after.

Anyway my friend Leigh was cleaning out some stuff and was sort of worried he should not have of thrown some stuff away. So a poem was written to document the event:

life is rough - so use less stuff
when in doubt - throw it out
set them free, set them free
if they return it was meant to be

It is sad that people do loose touch with each other. Sometimes I think life is just like a big bus station. People sit down - wait for their bus - and leave. And then you wonder what bus they got on and where they went.
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