Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life is Theater But Ending With Brain Pockets

This evening I was really mad. I had a really cool idea for this thing I wanted to build in SL. I won't tell you about it so when I finish it I can let you know. But I couldn't make stuff do what I wanted with the rotation scripts - I think it has to do with multiple linked objects or something. Any way I got so mad I shouted out a lot of bad language, since it was a mature sim I figured I could. Franz heard me and came over but he couldn't quite fix it either and he had to go.

The other day I met Alexx Babii (with me in this picture) and he called tonight to show me a recreation of the The Theatre of Pompey and gave me a quick tour. I made the mistake of thinking the theater was from the city of Pompey - it was named after a Roman General and there is no relation to the doomed city. You can find it at Theatron in SL. Later Alexx showed me his tree house that was decorated with many "classical" images on the wall.

And now changing the subject, I have some thoughts on brain pockets. You know how you meet someone who seems real smart and they talk loud as though they were the biggest know-it-all in the universe? I don't think anyone is ever any smarter than anyone else - I think it all boils down the the number of brain pockets you have. Some people have lots of brain pockets, some that button up, and some with zippers. They fill their brain pockets up with pieces of facts, nonsense, and sometimes a good thought. But you should never let someone with a lot of brain pockets make you feel inferior because it is not the number of pockets a person has, it is what is being held in them. But always remember to take the tissues out of your brain pockets before you put them in the washing machine.
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