Friday, September 6, 2013

Triangle Cars

Life is just this merry-go-round that keeps going and going, that can go fast and slow. Once I saw this Alfred Hitchcock movie where a bad guy pulled the speed control of a merry-go-round to the fast speed and all the children started screaming. Also once I saw an old cartoon where the merry-go-round went so fast it flew up into outer space. But I guess the lesson is that the merry-go-rounds can slow down too.

Since my merry-go-round seemed to slow, I took a few minutes and came into existence in SL. In fact I came back the other day and forgot how to control stuff. I forgot what stuff to do to do what. It was just like being in a car but forgetting how to drive. I saw my friend Franziskus Ninetails who I have known for a zillion years and said hello.

Not remembering how to do things and driving cars made me think of how people in some countries drive on the right and some on the left. That in itself would make me confused but having a car with the driver's side on the left rather than the right (eek - I mean right rather than left ) would blow my mind I think. I think if you could hold a mirror against your head it would be easier.

So I came up with an invention that I call "Triangle Cars". These cars would not have a passenger seat next to the driver. The only seat would be for the driver, exactly in the center of the vehicle. When I am driving I don't want someone next to me talking because I am not so good a driver and need to focus on good driving techniques and not making chit-chat. I need to look straight ahead and watch out for fools. In the driving world most other drivers fall into the fool bucket.

These new cars would have only one front seat (for the driver) and 2 passenger seats in the back. That way the passengers could run their mouths about any goof ball craziness that popped into their heads and the driver would not have to listen. Since there was only one seat in the front and two in the back, they would be called triangle cars. The good feature is that the same car can be used for all countries. This could save a lot of money.

Well I am not sure if anybody reads any of this nonsense, but if you just did, thanks for reading.

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