Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tamra Sands Live

Saturday started really good. First I met Leigh Eel and Ricardito Castaignede at a drumming circle. They introduced me to a new friend, GeraldWay Destiny. If you don't know what a drumming circle is, I always think of it as a way to make your brain put you in a new place. First everyone goes to a drum and starts drumming and drumming and drumming. You get the idea. Then before you know it your mind starts to make you feel things that you would not normally feel and start to think and say things that are different from what you would normally think and say.

But later that night we heard a live performance, and I want to tell you about that. When I say live I mean live. Tamra Sands (RL link) actually sang to us and Trip Potvin played a live piano. Trip had some visibility problems but he was there in spirit, that's why you don't see him in this picture. Phantoms don't photograph well.
Tamra has a very good voice, I could hear it clearly with my little ears. It was both rich and sweet at the same time if that makes any sense.

I think everyone should try to get to hear a live SL performance, I think if you search for Broadway Live you should find some good places to start.

Anyway there is something very magical about live performances. When you watch a movie you may get into it but it is always watched. But when someone does something live, you are really there participating in a sense. You can feel the energy of the human who is performing. It almost is like riding a roller coaster, sky diving, and skiing at the same time. I don't know a lot about theater, so I can't say a lot of intelligent stuff, so sorry if my descriptions sound goofy.
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