Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentines, Spelling Problems and Toys

I have really been busy in RL and didn't even have time to take a picture for this blog entry. But I just wanted to put something out anyway. First of all I tried to make a bunch of hand made valentines cards but I messed some of them up. I didn't run any spell check on the words so I had a boat load of spelling errors on them. I slipped them under doors and rang the bell and ran away, which is the tradition. I wish I had more time to make them.

Now for a story that really has no meaning. It is just about how you can feel a certain way sometimes. Imagine you get a really cool toy airplane. This is a model but a realistic one, one you can fly by a handle attached to a string. The string will make the rudders go up and down so it will be just like really flying.

This is not some splashy tacky toy, it is made somewhere from a company that employees toy makers who have a passion for their toys. You look at the box. It has a really nifty illustration of a flying plane on the outside of the box. You look at the picture and project yourself in it as a pilot. You run your hand over the box.

You take the plane out for a first run to test it out. You take it out of the box. It has all sorts of little parts, realistic little wheels that roll for take offs and landings, little tiny windows over the cockpit. You put the special fuel in with the little hose. You start the little engine. The little motor makes a buzzing sound and starts to move.

In a few seconds the little plane goes up into the air but for no reason suddenly takes a nose dive and crashes to earth breaking into a dozen pieces. There it lays, all the pieces, never to be put back. The new toy is broken.

Sometimes I think we are all half crazy. But we are all crazy on different halves. The only good thing about a sad story is that it helps clean me out in some sort of weird way. Well I better end this now before everyone thinks I've gone off the deep end.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Life is Theater But Ending With Brain Pockets

This evening I was really mad. I had a really cool idea for this thing I wanted to build in SL. I won't tell you about it so when I finish it I can let you know. But I couldn't make stuff do what I wanted with the rotation scripts - I think it has to do with multiple linked objects or something. Any way I got so mad I shouted out a lot of bad language, since it was a mature sim I figured I could. Franz heard me and came over but he couldn't quite fix it either and he had to go.

The other day I met Alexx Babii (with me in this picture) and he called tonight to show me a recreation of the The Theatre of Pompey and gave me a quick tour. I made the mistake of thinking the theater was from the city of Pompey - it was named after a Roman General and there is no relation to the doomed city. You can find it at Theatron in SL. Later Alexx showed me his tree house that was decorated with many "classical" images on the wall.

And now changing the subject, I have some thoughts on brain pockets. You know how you meet someone who seems real smart and they talk loud as though they were the biggest know-it-all in the universe? I don't think anyone is ever any smarter than anyone else - I think it all boils down the the number of brain pockets you have. Some people have lots of brain pockets, some that button up, and some with zippers. They fill their brain pockets up with pieces of facts, nonsense, and sometimes a good thought. But you should never let someone with a lot of brain pockets make you feel inferior because it is not the number of pockets a person has, it is what is being held in them. But always remember to take the tissues out of your brain pockets before you put them in the washing machine.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Earthquakes, Snow and the Nerdy Fairy Look

I don't really have anything important to post tonight. I met someone named Alexx Babii and we chatted a bit. He read my previous posting on the theater and gave me some links to some things I should look at. We also chatted a bit about the recent snow in his RL world. Later DeliciousDemon Chemistry came by and talked. Before I left I threw a conceptual snowball at Spanki to see how he was. I also got an IM from Rico - hi Rico - hope you are reading this.

Well now to the inchoate contemplations of my wayward mind as they appear in the fecund sod of my sub-consciousness. Rather than choose to create myself as a gorgeous hunk oozing in popularity and good looks, I decided to make myself a nerdy fairy tonight. Don't ask me what possessed me to go this route. I even added some studious glasses along with my knee socked tennis shoe shod outfit. It is very liberating to not be some ideal or cannon of perfection but to be made of fascinating nuances. That's good because I can look any way I want to.

Now to the big prediction. I am hoping everyone in California is ready just in case a big earthquake hits. You never can tell and it is good to be ready. There have been a lot of volcanoes and earthquakes in many places lately.
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