Sunday, August 30, 2009

Virtual Relationships with Dolphins

First of all dolphins really do make that sound "EEE EEE". That's not something somebody made up for TV. Sometimes they just say "EEEEEEEEE" or squeak. I know this for a fact - I swear it is true. I saw someone the other night who just had German in his profile so I thought, well maybe I could talk through on of those translator web sites. Well it was basically a disaster. Oh well - that is what happens.

Well back to dolphins and I guess television and virtual reality. I have a theory that people watching television have a virtual relationship with the people on TV. So virtual reality is not new, huh? I always liked Sandy on Flipper, and I think a lot of other people have told me they did too. It would be kind of cool to just spend the day with out your shirt on and wearing jean shorts. It was really strange they had no female characters in the show. I am not sure what happened to the mother. Also the two brothers didn't look anything alike. Maybe they were adopted by the father in the show.

However there was a female character(s) on Flipper, all of the dolphins were girl dolphins. I guess they couldn't show boy dolphin parts on TV in those days. After all it was before de-phallicsizing technology. But maybe boy dolphins would have made an interesting show.

Sometimes I wonder if people ever read blogs. I mean anyone in the world can read what I write. Maybe the pen is mightier than the sword. A voice inside my head told me tonight that power is dear to those who feel they have none. I don't know why that voice in my head told me that.
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