Thursday, February 9, 2012

Laying On A Bed

Sometimes I just start stuff and don't know what it will end up when I am done. I guess this crazy post is one of those "I don't know where I am going" posts. I have been feeling sort of lost the past few days. I think all people sometimes get lost and then they find their direction again. I guess it is like when you go walking in the woods and then eventually find the path.

Anyway once there were two friends who each had different points of view about how to teach children how to dance with hula hoops. They were named Joachim and Boaz. (don't worry dear readers this story is going to fall into a big mess when I get through with it!) Anyway Joachim thought that using a hula hoop should be very co-originated, one should start with the hips to the right and the hoop to the left, and then rotated in a very mechanical yet well thought out system. Thinking things out in good logical systems makes good sense thought Joachim.

Boaz thought the best way to learn to use the hula hoop was to "feel" the centrifugal force and let the "shoop shoop" sound abstractly move the body. I guess both of them had a point.

I never could get hula hoops right. I could only shoop shoop shoop shoop and then the hula hoop would fall to my ankles. But I could roller skate OK. I was never good enough to do tricks or anything but at least I could do well enough to not fall down, at least not too often.

Well I don't get to SL too much, and when I do it is just for a short time. I went to some parties where people danced and stuff. They are fun. But I wanted to take a picture (see above) of me just laying on a bed. I guess life is a balance of just doing lots of cool stuff and laying on a bed. Both have their place.

Thank you for reading.
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