Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A Toxic Advenger Musical Catches My Interest

Yesterday started out sort of normal, Franz, Tree Ahat and I went shopping. Tree wanted to find a new shape and maybe a different look. Somehow we all got lost so I am not sure what Tree finally came up with.

Then I called to say hello to Ricardito Castaignede and he invited me to see what he has been working on. That's a picture of him (blue) and me in a very urban world he built. Now I should talk a bit about Ricardito. He is a blue faery sometimes. He has a really good eye for cool psychedelic colors and shapes and makes things that are very wild to experience. I have only met him recently but he is a lot of fun to talk with.

Ric (I hope he doesn't mind my shortening his name) has been working on a project to support a new Broadway play based on the B movie The Toxic Advenger. I never saw that cinematic gem but it sounds like a cool idea for a musical, why not? I will provide more info dear readers, as soon as I get it so you can visit the sim.
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