Saturday, December 29, 2012

Fork In The Road

Well I've been away for a while.

Once upon a time two guys were running a TV station and they were looking for something to put on the late-late-late show. There names were Joe and Moe. Actually there names are not really important, it's just that I wanted to give them names so you can put a visual picture in your head.

Anyway Joe said to Moe, "Hey what really old movie do you want to run tonight for the late-late-late show"?

Moe reached at the top shelve of the really old movie shelf and pulled a Jimmy Stewart movie about some guy who wishes he was never alive and an angel shows him what would happen if he were never alive. (now days everyone has seen that movie but this was before it was a cult classic)

The really goofy part of this is that the late-late-late show was in July not Christmas. Anyway in those days people didn't have anything better to do but stay up late watching old movies on TV.

But the really cool thing about this movie is that it was sort of like an episode of the Twilight Zone. It makes you think about how we run into certain people for some odd reason and wonder what would happen if you never ran into them.

Anyway this post really doesn't have too much of a point to it. Moe pulled the old movie in a can off the shelf and blew off the dust with a whale-like sound. That is because whales blow air out of their blow holes with a deep hiss sound. Thar she blows! Some people make whale sounds when they frustrated, blowing air out --- hiss! Anyway the whale noise has nothing to do with this story. This story is about the effect we have on other people and they have on us. Maybe we run into people by chance or maybe it is for some purpose.

Anyway I have had some things that have kept me away form SL, but went back the other day and spoke to my friend Leigh Eel. I was glad to see him. I hope to catch up with other people too.

A long time ago people used to write pop music all about mellow happy stuff, then a bunch of people with more of an edge came on the scene. I am not sure why people wrote songs about people they know that have died. but for reasons I don't understand this song always stuck in my mind. Don't get me wrong, I want to live a long time. It is sort of a odd way to cleanse yourself or something.

Well, sorry for sounding morbid, I really am in a happy state of mind. Thank you for reading.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some Things Have No Meaning

Once there was this really cool city where hamsters lived called Hamsterdam. When I first heard of the name in my brain I went to search and found that some one already thought of the name.

Oh well anyway I shall continue my story since if you go through life with the fear of not being original than you just go through life. Anyway these hamsters just ran on the wheel all day. One may come to the idea that running on the wheel is of no value but we humans go to stupid jobs, do stupid activities, and so on which is basically just running on the wheel just like hamsters.

I saw a show on Mark Twain on TV the other night. Everyone thought he was sort of a humorous writer but in the show he was very sad at the end of his life. His daughter and wife had died.

I guess life is up and down. Sometimes I think about the ancient Egyptians pharaohs and how they freaked out when they realized they would die and turn into dust and built giant pyramids. I guess since I had a philosophy that we only know people in slices, I am at a certain slice that is not typical of the complete package. This is just a normal thing we all think of, turning into dust and all that.

Anyway I wanted to put something up since Edie Haskell has a link to my site and he only links to people who stay current :-). Also I wanted to be sure all my friends are doing well. I hope everybody remembers what is really important in the world - Barbies that sing.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Goodbye For Now

Hello Readers, I am sorry but due to real world issues I must say good bye for now. (will still try to check e-mail) Hope the best for everyone - Rammy

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I Give Up

I am going to give up my attempt to volunteer at Fantasy Pride, it is too crazy to volunteer for stuff I think. I feel like I am knocked around too much or something. I think maybe I had better not ever volunteer ever again for anything! Maybe I am not very smart or something.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fantasy Pride 2012 Stay Tuned

Greville Oh asked me to help with Fantasy Pride 2012. I figured since this blog is a good place to post stuff I would put details here along with in world. In case you are an SL merchant and want to support acceptance and tolerance worldwide for all same sex unions worldwide this is a good opportunity.

This is the third year for Fantasy Pride.  Last year there were 1200 visitors. This year the shops will be right at the entrance, so the supporting merchants will get maximum exposure.

Anyway I will talk more on this in coming posts, including details that the great SEO gods in the cosmic Internet can read about your business. If you are a merchant and want to grab a spot before they are all taken you can call me on the SL telephone (A.K.A. IM chat).

Stay tuned...

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Laying On A Bed

Sometimes I just start stuff and don't know what it will end up when I am done. I guess this crazy post is one of those "I don't know where I am going" posts. I have been feeling sort of lost the past few days. I think all people sometimes get lost and then they find their direction again. I guess it is like when you go walking in the woods and then eventually find the path.

Anyway once there were two friends who each had different points of view about how to teach children how to dance with hula hoops. They were named Joachim and Boaz. (don't worry dear readers this story is going to fall into a big mess when I get through with it!) Anyway Joachim thought that using a hula hoop should be very co-originated, one should start with the hips to the right and the hoop to the left, and then rotated in a very mechanical yet well thought out system. Thinking things out in good logical systems makes good sense thought Joachim.

Boaz thought the best way to learn to use the hula hoop was to "feel" the centrifugal force and let the "shoop shoop" sound abstractly move the body. I guess both of them had a point.

I never could get hula hoops right. I could only shoop shoop shoop shoop and then the hula hoop would fall to my ankles. But I could roller skate OK. I was never good enough to do tricks or anything but at least I could do well enough to not fall down, at least not too often.

Well I don't get to SL too much, and when I do it is just for a short time. I went to some parties where people danced and stuff. They are fun. But I wanted to take a picture (see above) of me just laying on a bed. I guess life is a balance of just doing lots of cool stuff and laying on a bed. Both have their place.

Thank you for reading.
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