Tuesday, September 23, 2008

One Should Not Be Verkrampft

Here is a picture of Franz, Quag and myself. We were talking and talking and Franz gave us a new word - "verkrampft".

I think the Germans have so many really good words and since I an English speaker I guess I like to snatch good words and put them up in a great big word collection box. Verkrampft is similar to feeling cramped up or tied up in knots, at least that is how I understand it. I think the word "cramp" must be a relative of it.

Franz says it is the opposite of easy. I will have to think and see if I can start to use it right. (Franz if you are reading this I hope I have this right)

I keep learning so many different things by just being around people. Maybe one day I will go to Germany and see it for myself. I will have to learn a whole lot more German words though because I don't want to visit a place and be rude by not knowing the basic words to be polite.
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