Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Learning to Swim

This story has an SL picture of me visiting an underwater world, and this story is about water. My friend Leigh had a story about trust and it made me think of this story.

I had to take swimming lessons once a while ago when I was a kid because it is important to know in case you fall out of a boat or something. It was really scary to be in water over your head because you could slip under and not be able to breath. So naturally kids are not too keen on not breathing and were not so crazy about being in water without knowing how to swim.

The class was divided into 2 groups. Since I could swim a little I was put in the deep-end group. Our swim teacher was very nice. The other group had a mean teacher. He reminded me of Lurch on the Addams Family. He had a deep voice with eyes that rolled back into his head. But he believed in the "sink or swim" principle. When the kids cried that they were afraid to go into the water he would pick them up and just throw them in. They would scream and the scream would echo in the indoor tiled swimming pool room.

I am not sure the "Lurch" system is a good one, and I think it is not good to have "Lurch" swimming system memories in your mental closet. I remember one thing about swimming and that is that you just have to relax and not worry about going down. When you relax it is easy to float and then you can just swim with ease. I think it's sort of like when you trust things will be alright even though you know they may not be. I guess it is sort of like the fool in the Tarot deck.
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