Thursday, November 27, 2008

A Mix of Jokes and Some Not Feeling Well

I had not been in world for a few days and met up with Franz. Poor Franz was not feeling well and I could tell right away. Sometimes I think he has a hard time to get to sleep. I have had that sometimes and I know how bad it can be. I took this picture while we talked about stuff and it looks like we have giant legs! Franz I hope you feel better soon.

Then I met up with Leigh. We went to this place where they play old radio shows and you sit around the camp fire and listen. The radio shows are mysteries and science fiction and stuff. Leigh said they don't normally run The Jack Benny Show.

Then we started telling jokes. I am not sure you would call them great jokes, in fact they are not even OK jokes, well let's be honest: they are BAD jokes. These jokes could stay in private chat cyberspace but since I want to torture the whole world here are highlights: (or lowlights)

[18:07] Rammy Urriah: i ate some KILLER eggplant tonight - i have an upset stomach
[18:07] Leigh Eel: oh not.. you could get salmanella
[18:08] Leigh Eel: (that was a pum)
[18:08] Leigh Eel: gawd.. pun...
[18:08] Rammy Urriah: hmmm - i must review
[18:09] Rammy Urriah: it was eggstra bad
[18:09] Leigh Eel groans
[18:09] Rammy Urriah: that was a pun too - he he
[18:10] Rammy Urriah: i though it would be an egg sceptional meal but egg zactly the opposite
[18:10] Leigh Eel: Knock Knock
[18:10] Rammy Urriah: who 's there?
[18:10] Leigh Eel: Sam and Janet
[18:11] Rammy Urriah: Sam and Janet who?
[18:11] Leigh Eel: Sam and Janet Eveneing
[18:11] Leigh Eel: (you might have to say it out loud)
[18:12] Rammy Urriah: sam and janet evening?
[18:12] Rammy Urriah: samenjantevening?
[18:12] Leigh Eel: When I find my true love!
[18:12] Rammy Urriah: some enchanted evening
[18:12] Rammy Urriah: oh - lol
[18:13] Rammy Urriah: Knock knock
[18:13] Leigh Eel: Who's there?
[18:13] Rammy Urriah: Doctor
[18:14] Leigh Eel: Doctor who?
[18:14] Rammy Urriah sings Dr who theme
[18:14] Leigh Eel looks at Rammy
[18:15] Rammy Urriah: i just made that up - really i did - (sheepish)
[18:15] Leigh Eel: lol
[18:17] Leigh Eel: do you know the difference between toilet paper and curtains?
[18:17] Rammy Urriah: i think i better before you invite me to your house
[18:18] Leigh Eel: lol! snap!
[18:18] Rammy Urriah: he he
[18:18] Rammy Urriah: ok - now hold on.....
[18:19] Rammy Urriah: a woman opened here refridgerator door and a small rabbit was inside.....
[18:19] Leigh Eel: uh oh...
[18:19] Rammy Urriah: she said to the rabbit... "what are you doing here"
[18:19] Rammy Urriah: the rabbit said "this is a Westinghouse - right?"
[18:20] Rammy Urriah: the woman: yes
[18:20] Rammy Urriah: the rabbit: "well i am just westing"
[18:20] Leigh Eel: OMG
[18:21] Rammy Urriah: i guess it should have been Elmer Fudd in the refridgerator
[18:21] Leigh Eel titters depite himself
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