Thursday, April 26, 2012

Some Things Have No Meaning

Once there was this really cool city where hamsters lived called Hamsterdam. When I first heard of the name in my brain I went to search and found that some one already thought of the name.

Oh well anyway I shall continue my story since if you go through life with the fear of not being original than you just go through life. Anyway these hamsters just ran on the wheel all day. One may come to the idea that running on the wheel is of no value but we humans go to stupid jobs, do stupid activities, and so on which is basically just running on the wheel just like hamsters.

I saw a show on Mark Twain on TV the other night. Everyone thought he was sort of a humorous writer but in the show he was very sad at the end of his life. His daughter and wife had died.

I guess life is up and down. Sometimes I think about the ancient Egyptians pharaohs and how they freaked out when they realized they would die and turn into dust and built giant pyramids. I guess since I had a philosophy that we only know people in slices, I am at a certain slice that is not typical of the complete package. This is just a normal thing we all think of, turning into dust and all that.

Anyway I wanted to put something up since Edie Haskell has a link to my site and he only links to people who stay current :-). Also I wanted to be sure all my friends are doing well. I hope everybody remembers what is really important in the world - Barbies that sing.
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