Friday, January 28, 2011

What Goes On Inside the Mind of a Reptile?

Well dear readers I guess I had new philosophical thought the other day. A great cosmic noodle of nonsense hit my brain and that noodle of nonsense (to be known as a NON) stated: "A lot of stuff makes up life, but none of those stuffs by themselves make up a life, it takes a lot of stuffs to make up life."

And now here is the story to explain this. Once there was someone walking down the street in a major city that at the southern tip of a very large country. The person walking saw a car stop in the middle of the road and the driver just started honking the horn. He beeped and beeped and beeped. The person walking thought maybe he was saying hello to someone he saw on the street that he knew or something. Then it turned out there was an iguana in the road and the guy was honking to make it move. Now you may think that when you are an iguana and a large metal object makes a loud noise like that you should run like crazy. But no! The iguana's brain must have been stuck in contemplation mode or something - it just sat there looking up at the car. Finally its iguana brain came to the conclusion "yikes - I've got to run away!" and off it ran, tail up in the air.

The other night I had a good conversation with my friend Leif Ashdene on the SL chat phone. We talked about subjects related to snow. If I had to go on a game show and answer questions about dealing with snow I would probably not win any prizes and the music would end going wah wah waaaah.

But getting back to snow I had an idea that it could be melted with flame throwers and all the snow could be cleared. Leif correctly pointed out that that would be a disaster, it would melt all the cars under the snow. (note to Micheal Bloomberg: do not contract the services of the Rammy Urriah Snow Management Company)

But the point to this is the mind of reptiles. Since I know TV history (I could do good on a game show here) the idea of fire breathing dragons came into my head as I talked to Leif. There were three dragons I could think of from TV and popular music, Kukla, Fran, and Ollie (Ollie was the dragon), Puff the Magic Dragon (really a song not a TV show), and the third dragon (which is technically a sea serpent but since this is my blog I can bend the rules).

Did you ever wonder where the term "propeller head" comes from? That's what they call techie people. I think it comes from this TV show, Beanie and Cecil. You should watch this, it is really wild. I like the part where all the kids spin around and around the TV like it is a magic object and the song goes "come on kids lets flip our lids, higher than the moon". Then their propellers spin off into outer space. It is really trips me out to watch. It is almost like experiencing an alternative reality.

P.S. (I don't think you can say "P.S" in a blog but anyway) Here is a site with more information on this weird cartoon.
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