Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hawk Boy Plays Piano

For some reason I have been wearing hawk wings and wanting to fly a lot. Other days I like to turn in to a Neko Boy. I think neko means cat in Japanese. I think humans like to make themselves in to half human forms and have been doing it in all cultures since ancient times.

I read some thing about a group called the Radical Faeries - sort of a gay hippie pagan group. That got me interested in being a fairy (or faerie). In my faerie persona I try to be a healing helpful faerie, not too mischievous. I made some green skin but I am not sure I like to wear it – it makes me look kind of sick.

Last night I wondered around and went to a place called Chiaroscuro. It has some great sky houses that are good for meditation. I was hoping maybe I would meet people and maybe make friends since it seemed like a place that had the same state of mind I had at the time. But no one was there at the time. I saw a grand piano and started playing. I hope the owner doesn't mind my doing that, I really wish I could play like that in RL.

Later I went club dancing. Dancing is fun but it gets confusing trying to chat sometimes. After a while I think I get tired and need to rest.
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